Remember the Titans!

ImageA few days ago, I wrote about the power of music – similarly, after an all-out marathon yesterday of We Are Marshall, followed by Remember the Titans and The Blindside, I can say that movies, at least some movies, also have a way of empowering one’s soul. It’s hard not to be inspired when you watch stories where people triumph – especially when they triumph against all odds. And for those of us that generally live in a pretty good state of things, it can be humbling to watch people rise above tragedy far greater than our everyday meaningless crap.

So next time you’re feeling frustrated because you can only run a nine-minute mile; you can only buy two pairs of sandals; only spend one week on vacation; only feed your Starbucks habit once a day … perhaps those are the times you should remember Michael Oher, strive to overcome like Marshall, have the courage to change like the Titans … because those are the times that perspective comes around to slap us in the face – a good slap at that.

SIDEBAR – yes, I did watch a whole bunch of movies yesterday … because that’s what I do when I’m feeling “blah” – why am I feeling this way … because I’m at the frickin’ beach and it was 87 degrees when I got here and now it’s only 57 … yes – that noise you just heard was perspective slapping me in the face – cheers! Today’s post inspired by The Daily Prompt: Make Me Smile – “If you’re feeling blah, what is the one thing you do that you can count on to put a smile on your face?”

Would martians like my chairs?

ImageSeriously? If someone – or something or some whatchamacallit – from another planet happened upon me, I highly doubt they’d give a flying meteorite about what was out my backdoor (Confused? See below). Thus describing it for the aforementioned alien isn’t a project my mind is going to proceed with today … but, if any Earthly creatures – specifically the ones who speak, read and write English – want to know, then you may read on …

I’m not going to bore you with any sort of descriptive narrative here – not going to tell you about the trees, the birds, nor the grass that isn’t exactly green yet despite the fact that the calendar says its spring … not going to tell you what I see when I peer into the neighbors house, about last year’s dead herb garden, nor about the chocolate lab that might forcibly lose all his toenails if he continues to wake me up in the middle of the night by clicking and clacking his way across the downstairs wood floors … BUT. I will take a moment to complain about the perfectly ridiculously expensive outdoor dining table that’s various planks have sprouted fungus and began to rot – here’s the part where I complain: See this perfectly ridiculously expensive outdoor dining table is only two years old and it is surrounded by a number of perfectly reasonable economically priced, 10-year old, chairs – chairs that are still as solid as the first day anyone sat on them. Continue reading

If you learn one thing, learn to dream –

Image“Hold fast to dreams,
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird,
That cannot fly.” ~ Langston Hughes

I first learned of my gift for storytelling in high school. Though admittedly, I suffered through most of my studies an average student on paper, who was, however, fortunate to be smart enough to sufficiently pass tests without ever opening a book at home – not a habit I plan to let my children adopt, but one that seemed to work for me at the time. Though I did make two exceptions to my not-opening-a-book-at-home rule. The first, any and all history books – U.S., world, European … those books I opened. Not because I was afraid I wouldn’t pass the course if I didn’t read my assignments, but because history itself fascinated me. Especially the accounts of times gone by that read like fiction, but weren’t. Continue reading

DO NOT cash in that stock grandma gave you!

ImageHigh school was awesome – like really, really, awesome. I only wish I’d realized just how awesome it was when I meandered the hallways. Don’t get me wrong – I have zero, zilch, not one iota of an inkling, to return to those days – BUT – if my Genie would appear and grant me unlimited wishes, I would grab the opportunity to relive one of those moments – one of those amazing moments when, along with my friends, we were the kings and queens of our day …

Truth be known, I think some of the glory that presides in those said Glory Days is the profound sense of security that I had – but without even recognizing the fully deployed umbrella resting over my head. I mean hey, I had a mother that loved me; that cooked for me; bought me clothes … I had friends that spent time with me; cheered for me … I had my health; my creativity; my intellect … what I had was possibility – anything and everything was within my grasp. Continue reading

Stop lingering, STOP lingering, please stop lingering!!

ImageIt’s not all that often that I read something and wonder if the author was specifically channeling me – but this morning, when asked to ponder what habits/acts others have that drive me crazy … well, it was as if someone was begging me to complain – so here’s my top four annoying traits in others – just if you ever wanted to know …

LINGERING In so many ways … be it in line at the grocery store (stop talking to the checker, I am behind you and I want to leave with my groceries before dusk) … or be it on a particular topic (we’ve already discussed that, please, for the love of God can we agree that a decision has been reached) … or be it on a particular thought, or incident (okay, okay, I know your parents got divorced when you were twelve, and yes, that must have been rough but come on already! You are forty!  Stop blaming your parents for your current emotional garbage – it is no longer their fault)! Continue reading

Ever wonder why The Wiggles are so darn happy?

Image“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” ~ Plato

It’s true, you know. Music sets the tone for more than weddings, more than a restaurant’s atmosphere, more than your morning workout. It can change your mood – give wings to your mind, flight to your imagination – It will change your outlook and can alter your entire state of being – especially, if you recognize its power to do so. And now you know why The Wiggles are always so happy.

I have playlists for running, for writing, for driving … and I have favorite stations for house cleaning, for cooking, for entertaining … and there are songs, that no matter how I feel, can instantly transform my demeanor – be it for better or worse … Continue reading

Ticky-Tacky … I’ll drink to that!

ImageHave you ever been reluctant to tell someone, or even comment on a particular situation because the mere uttering of those words might make it appear as though you think yourself superior to others? Like at a restaurant, when ordering wine you don’t speak up about the menu’s offerings because the person across the table will likely make some idiot remark about how “stuck up” you are. Why is that? Why does a more complex understanding of some subject matters perpetuate that kind of response from others? And why, for that matter, should anyone care? Continue reading