Is Harmony Tangible?

It’s official.  Gods and Goddesses, fairy Godmothers, Godfathers and Guardian angels alike have all left my side and the Chaos Monster has arrived. I thought about detailing my current state of agony for you all but decided that no one wants to read yet another tale about a woman gone mad because she has just under thirty eight minutes to get ready for what’s supposed to be a spectacular night out AND drop kids off at two different locations on separate sides of the city AND make them dinner (as I swore I would not order another pizza this week) AND write out directions for the babysitter that’s going to have to pick one of them up later AND get my groove on so I can participate in that spectacular evening I mentioned …

So, since I said I wouldn’t bore you with the mundane details of my moment (I’m down to thirty six minutes) I will instead offer forth the following thought for ponder:

“Anything you build on a large scale or with intense passion invites chaos.” -Francis Ford Coppola

Which, I suppose suggests to hell with making plans! Let’s all lift a glass to spontaneity, eh? Phones are ringing everywhere … doors are opening, doors are slamming shut, kids are screaming, I am screaming, “ where’s the damn martini I promised myself earlier?”
Twenty three minutes … anyone know the number for Dominos?

You tell me – can chaos and order co-exist?



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