The Average Life of a Fruit Fly

Ever set one of these up before?  It’s a fruit fly trap.  A paper funnel in a Ball jar with vinegar and rotten fruit in the bottom.  We probably caught two hundred fruit flies … really.  Our kitchen was loaded.  And what does my animal-loving twelve year old do with the jar … she takes it outside and releases them into the “wild”.  And the world is now a better place in her eyes …
Does anyone else have a kid bent on saving the world from savages like me that make traps to kill fruit flies??   Tell me – have they ever done anything to top this?

BTW, yes I do usually try and post about more “meaningful” topics … or about the wide-wide-wonderful-world of writing and publishing BUT this … well, this was just to darn good to pass up … plus, I know my daughter will be thrilled to know she “made” the Internet!!



  1. We used Pheromone strips at my office when we had a bad case of fruit flies… they worked! You can get them at your local hardware store.

    Good luck!
    Your new follower,
    Angela @

  2. I think that's such a great idea. What a creative loving child you have. I love what you wrote on your header.

    Thanks for coming by and following. I'm following back.

  3. Wow that is pretty awesome. I am following you back thanks for coming by my blog. The fish was wild caught salmon and halibut we do. I do not buy farm raised fish that's why it is so pricey. Overall groceries seemed to have gone up the last couple of weeks!

  4. That is pretty neat, I have never heard of this before, but it surely is a simple…and frugal solution.

    I came by to follow you back, but I cannot see the google friend connect widget.

  5. I have actually never made one of those, but I have taken a mason jar and put vinger in it then covered it with that Glad cling wrap. After I did that, I punched holes in it. The fruit flies could get in, but couldn't get out! I might try this next though.

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