I Used to Think this was EASY

Did she used to like cake or did she use to like ice-cream?
Did she used to use her used computer to write her papers?
This, boys and girls, will be a brief English lesson …
One of the most misused, and misappropriated words in Western writing is the usage of the verb use(d) and the adjective use(d).  And it’s not an easy idea to grasp for a number of folks.  Although truthfully, it’s a fairly uncomplicated application once you clear your mind and think about it more simply, shall we say. 
So you think you know the difference?  You think you can really make the correct choices for the words functions?  I implore you, take three minutes – YOU HAVE TO visit this LINK and take this quick little test.  And if you get them all correct, let me know and I’ll hire you to edit my next book!
And once you have taken the test, I will say that my only advice is to write.  Trust what you have learned, apply it, and then double and triple check your usage of the said word(s) … and if you failed the test then I highly suggest you have someone more versed in correct grammar have a look at your writing.  Use a macro.  Heed the difference between the verb and the adjective and then make your adjustments … after all, I think we all used to think that we use to know the difference between the too … err, umm, I mean two. 


  1. Hi thanks for stopping by my blog…love that I have found you…I use to used to use….oh crap my grammer is terrible! I am not even going to go there….or their or thier….lol lol

  2. Hi! Thanks for dropping by! That was a tricky test, but once I figured out which version to use (verb vs. adjective) it became easy! :) Thanks for that. I enjoyed it. So I didn't get them ALL right (at first) but now I would. ;)

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