Stop Making My Food Talk

When my children (ages 12, 10, 5) refer to something (or unfortunately someone) as that which or whom they hate, I ALWAYS tell them that, “hate is a very strong word and you can’t throw it around just cause you don’t like something(one).”
But, I gotta tell you, one of the things that I really REALLY dislike is when companies personify food.  OK, OK … Yellow and Red (you know, the M&M guys) I can handle – but enough with making my shredded wheat talk and the mayonnaise jar and the bread that craves a particular brand of spread … it just doesn’t jive and I for one would prefer not to eat something that talks back.
Then again, maybe if more foods would engage me in conversation I would loose this extra twenty pounds before Thanksgiving.


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog. I came in to visit yours and love it! They are such great reads and not only that, your blog is so sweet and pretty to look it. I just love it and I will follow you ! :)

  2. lol, thank you for the laugh today. I love your blog.
    also thank you for stopping by my blog. You asked how I found so many hops. I do a lot of reading, connecting and searching to find them. My list is a bit behind and some hops no longer exist. I just need to find the time to update it.

  3. LOL…couldn't agree more. I don't think I want to eat anything that talks back to me. :P Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your sweet comment. :) Have a good day.

  4. Hi there, I have to say some food personification I am against…I think I'm ok with cartoon style, because hey, anything goes in a cartoon. We let animals and houses and all kinds of things talk in cartoons…they are in a imaginary world. But the whole concept of food talking in the real world ie. M&M's and the mini frosted wheat…well that's just a lil creepy! Thanks for the comment on my blog and i'm following you now…LOVE your sense of humor!!

  5. OK – That is too funny! That would definitely help me lose weight too! I had to read that to my daughter. She thought it was hilarious too. Stopping by to say hi! Thanks for stopping by Budget Saving Mom earlier!

  6. Hi Shauna! Got your comment, so dropping you a note to say that it has't gotten lost in cyberspace. Blog-A-Licious Blogs has about 1400 blogs and more than 1000 comments so haven't gotten around to deleting the comments since June. My apologies for the misunderstanding. And yes, will tweet you as much as I can. All the best – Dora

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