Coats, New Years and Lasagna.

I know, I know.  For the past few weeks you’ve about had it with talk of New Year’s resolutions.  You’ve read and been told by umpteen colleagues, friends, family members, not to mention complete strangers – like the clerk at the grocery who insists on telling you how they just joined a gym and are finally going to start working out … loose the baby weight they gained back when their teenager was a baby … eat more vegetables … give up drinking during the week (beer that is) … read more … learn a second language (pig Latin does not count)… get organized (my personal favorite) … etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.  And if you are anything like me, you loathe the mere mention of New Year’s resolutions – especially when the grocery clerk that’s supposed to be separating the cold goods from the canned goods is bagging your imported tomatoes with the All Color Cheer because she is too busy reciting a recipe for low-fat lasagna, “just incase you might want to try it tonight.” Meanwhile I am sweating bullets under my heavy coat that I would have taken off had I known this was going to last as long as a meal out!
I have a friend named Amy.  (Yes, that’s her real name).  A few years ago I was at one of those December thirty first parties where women wear their LBD and men wear something equivalent (if men have an equivalent to a little black dress) and whilst going around a rather large circle of cocktail swigging women pronouncing their New Year’s resolutions, Amy confidently stated that her pledge for the upcoming three hundred and sixty five years was, “To wear more coats.” Uncomplicated.  Attainable.  Sensible.
Amy’s reasoning … every year, month, beginning of the week, start of the day, she makes little affirmations to herself to start something, or change something, or do something better. “Why wait until the calendar completely changes over to make adjustments in your life?” She had asked the rest of us.
Indeed Amy.  Indeed.
And so, being that I am actually a coat junkie (I’ve been known to buy several once the season has passed and all my favorites have been drastically reduced) I too am going to wear more coats in 2012 and if your coat closet looks even a smidgen like mine I think you should too.  Now the only question is which one should I wear to the grocery tomorrow?  Wish I knew the clerk’s schedule.
BTW, if I sound like I have a little pent up aggression towards my local Piggly Wiggly workers at the moment you’re probably right … but it’s really not them.  It’s me and my improper choice of coats for the occasion.  Oh, and to the clerk from the other day, there is no such thing as low-fat lasagna.  Lasagna is made from pasta, cheese, more cheese and béchamel sauce without which all you have is a rectangular dish full of tomato sauce.  Enjoy.

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  1. Cynthia Anne says:

    Congratulations! I awarded you the Versatile blog award! Check it out at

  2. I love jackets. The light ones that aren't real heavy and can dress-up just about any outfit.

    I haven't ever thought about making a fashion type resolution, but I think you are right on track. My resolution is to add more accessories to my outfits. Sometimes I just flat out forget, or run out of time.

  3. MiMi says:

    Now THAT is funny. I actually got a couple new coats this year, which is weird for me.
    My goal is to get these Ugg like boots that are too spendy (in my opinion) for fake Ugg like boots. Which means I have to wait until they are on sale enough but not wait until TOO long cuz then they'd be gone and that would suck.

  4. Kyla says:

    Now I want to go shopping.

  5. Anonymous says:

    You must have a lot of coats or jackets…

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