Understanding the Hyphenated Number

Day two of fourteen …
read THIS first if you didn’t visit on Monday the first of February.
So, another trick this “old dog” wants to learn is how to remove excessive carbohydrates from her diet.  Well, I know how to remove them, but I’d like to train my hand to stop shoving them into my mouth.  IDK why … but when the evening hours roll in there’s something comforting about my leather couch, fleece pajamas and a bag of Kettle chips … my children in bed, the fire roaring, my husband snoring in the chair next to me and my faithful Lab nestled under my feet … and, a bag of Kettle chips (incase I didn’t mention that before).  Gruff!  Well moving on … my fourteen day plan for the carbs is to chain myself to the far reaches of my house from six pm to six am … no?  Again, gruff!  Well, I guess this dog is going to have to retrain herself so if any one has any great tricks out there, please, let me know …
And now for JANE … and because everyone has those ‘things’ that bother them … I give you Rule #15 for writing numbers: Hyphenate all compound numbers from twenty-one through ninety-nine.  All of them … ALL OF THEM!  I cannot tell you how many people mess this one up – and for once, this is a rule that I know and that I have imbedded in the frontal lobe of my brain and henceforth drives me crazy when I see forty nine instead of forty-nine.  BTW, if the English language was phonetic and made any sense at all, then shouldn’t forty be spelled fourty?  Am I right?  Or am I right??   (I mean why is fourteen not forteen if fourty is forty??)
Oh, and one other little thing for JANE … FYI there is no such word as irregardless.  Regardless (in spite of, without regard) is THE word you, I, we … intend to use.
xoxoxo until tomorrow! I know, I didn’t think I could really post two days in a row let alone fourteen but here we go!!!  And leave Demi alone!


  1. Great post! I love your sense of humor and kettle chips ;) It should totally be fourty and not forty.

    BTW: Thanks for stopping by my place from the Thoughtful Thursday hop!

  2. LOVE this post. Love it. People who don't bother to learn proper grammar and vocabulary annoy the heck out of me. I want to strangle people who say “irregardless” or “orientate.”

    Kettle chips sound delicious.

    Maybe you could sub zuchinni roasted with just a touch of olive oil and salt? It's surprisingly satisfying.

  3. Sorry it took a couple of days for me to tell you how I got the Google+ button for my blog. If I remember correctly it is the one that Google has on the Google+ page, but make sure that it goes above the other items (widgets) in your html code, or it won't show up. I hope that makes sense!

    I was an English major and I am horrible about committing horrible grammar mistakes :) I love Kettle Chips, they are so yummy!!!

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