Did I Really Say That??

As it turns out, vowing to post fourteen days in a row is a bit more of a challenge than I thought it would be; especially when I’m literally in the midst of writing a scene that needed more than a few hours of research to be appropriately crafted.  Rest assured, I am still diligently reviewing Jane’s wisdom on a daily basis and have cracked open my tried and true AP Stylebook more than once this week. Moving on though, rather than bless you with a grammar lesson that I have yet to prep, I have to share this particular moment …
It’s Saturday night (right) … two of our children have been pawned off to some other family until daybreak … the third has consumed himself with mastering the plight of some Jedi on his “reality” computer game (which means I will not see nor hear from him for a few hours) … Salmon and other yums for dinner … Cabernet (like one of the good bottles) … and, here comes the good part … my husband goes to take out his contacts while I pour us another glass of wine, settle on a direct TV movie (NO not one of those movies) and what do I yell upstairs??
“Hey! Bring me down a pair of full underwear, my flannel PJ pants and a sweatshirt.”
Screech …….
I laugh, literally full bellied … did I really just say, “full underwear”??
OK.  So, as far as undergarments go, I wear thongs.  That’s all I wear.  EXCEPT when I sleep.  And I will not sleep commando!  I mean what if there is a fire??  I cannot face my neighbor without underwear!  CANNOT! So I have a few pairs of “full underwear” that I don for the nighttime hours.   And the fact that I called on them for a night where there is literally nothing other than wine, good spirits and my husband around make … well, how can I not laugh … good thing is, I do believe my husband will laugh when he reads this too.
Cheers to your weekend plans everyone!!!!!  Oh, and mother … if you are reading this please, forgive any misspellings … remember I am a few glasses of wine in :)

4 Comments Add yours

  1. MKC says:

    …and I am sure your neighbors appreciate your full underwear in case of a fire too!

  2. Emmy says:

    Lol! Love it. And yes, better to be safe in case of fire

  3. Anonymous says:

    Full underware is a good thing…….but nightgowns give unincumbered slumber. Now I know what to give you for your birthday!

  4. MiMi says:

    Bhahahahaahaaaaa!! That's awesome.

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