I Think I Need Some Soma

“When at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.”  I hate that proverb.  I mean surly there comes a point when a person must move on.  Let’s face it, not everyone in this world is meant to be über successful, right?  Some people have to be average. Just like some have to be the Alphas the Betas … the Epsilons (for all you Aldous Huxley fans).
I found out today that I did not make the second cut for the ABNA (an award that promises a publishing contract, among other things, for new novelists).  Problem is, I believe my elimination was based on a technicality – not on my writing ability.  The contest has a few rules and someone pointed out that I broke one – my real name was included in the initial pitch and the rules clearly state that you are not to have your name on the pitch, the excerpt nor the manuscript.  The judges want to be completely impartial and therefore there can be nothing included that can identify the author in anyway. And to be fair, whether my book is the next To Kill A Mockingbird or not, rules are rules so I get it. Still, I would like to stomp up and down because the seven year old in me (let alone the forty year old) doesn’t think it’s fair and I want to berate myself for not slowing down and paying attention to all those damn details (the story of my life).
So what to do, what to do … anyone out there have any advice for this padawan??  I feel like I am about to drown in the Dagobah System yet, I still have a party to plan (read Anyone Want a Pony).
“If no mistake you made, yet losing you are … a different game you should play.”
~ Yoda
Something change must I … GRUFFF!!


  1. It surely sucks for sure. I am not a writer other than my blog so I can't imagine that exact issue and don't have advice. I know when life comes at me from every direction I just keep trucking. I say try again with your awards, even if it is a different one and read all that fine print. I have missed some great things in my haste of not reading the details before. GL and Chin up mamacita!

  2. well, my son just got cut from the baseball team..the lecture we gave him is how is true… character will show in how he handles the disappointment….don't give up…ever! because then you definitely lose.
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    and GOOD LUCK!

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