SURVIVOR Suburbia Neighborhood Style

Earlier tonight … I was on my way to soccer practice (not for me, for my daughter) when a thought so profoundly funny hit my brain that I almost had to pull the car over.
You know how I’m throwing a SURVIVOR party for a bunch of (dare I say, privileged) eleven year olds this Saturday –  read yesterday’s post for the particulars … well, I came up with the perfect challenge … and no it does not involve catching and plucking a live chicken (although I’m sure the responses from some of their parents would make that one well worth it) … No, what I have in mind is uncomplicated and easy …
I give each team a large plastic bucket, rubber gloves and a shovel.  The team that can pick up the most amount of dog crap from my backyard wins reward!  Immunity!  Yes, yes … of course I would weigh their respective collections.  I mean I would want to be fair.
So what do you think? I’m on a roll, hu!
BTW I love your comments … but you’ll have to leave them on yesterday’s post … the one about the pony … just want you to have the full story first :)
Tune in on Monday for a recap on the Par-TAY!!

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