What’s Your Impossible?

If you use Google as much as I do during a typical day then you undoubtedly saw today’s Google Doodle (yes, that rhymes – although I’m not sure if the folks at Google intended for it to do so).  Anyhoo, moving on … today’s little drawing (the one you can hover over and then a brief little explanation pops up as to what it refers) is an origami creation in honor of Akira Yoshizawa’s birthday.  He is no longer living – he died, oddly enough, exactly ninety-four years later than the day he was born (March 14, 1911 – March 14, 2005) and he was/is considered the master of origami.
I remember trying my luck at the ancient Japanese art of paper folding when I was younger.  On days when there was literally nothing to do, I could spend hours sorting through the various craft books my mother had shelved for easy origami directions.  And I would try, and try again, to make the giraffe, the panda bear, the illusive crane … but all I ever ended up with was heaps of colored paper crumpled on the floor.
The art of origami is sort of like cutting the perfect snowflake out of construction paper – impossible.  Not to mention inconceivable for this mind. Yet there are people out there that can do it.  Just like there are talented individuals that create ice sculptures and giant sandcastles.  Which makes me wonder, how does a person decide they want to be a sculptor of ice anyway?  At what age do they power up their first chainsaw and start hacking away at the huge blocks?  And for that matter, where do they get their first big hunk of ice?
Well, anyway … I just wanted to pay a little homage to Mr. Yoshizawa and his amazing gift for creating the seemingly impossible, and beautiful, out of nothing – something that a lot of us try and do every single day.  Me, I’m going to march straight to the kitchen now and try to wrap up some leftover steak into a tin foil swan.
How about you?  What will your “impossible” be today?

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  1. agatewood1 says:

    thanks for the follow on my blog My Little Space 4 Everything. I've actually been following you on gfc for a while! Just followed you on G+! thanks and have a great weekend!

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    Kristin & Jaime

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  3. Ruby's says:

    Thanks for your visit. I will definitely be following back … you have an interesting perspective of viewing things.

  4. MiMi says:

    Dude! I didn't hover over that but I DID notice that it was Origami. Cool.

  5. I did see it today! My oldest looooves origami & my husband is pretty good at it too! We make little cranes and monkeys and stuff for Chinese New Year every year.

  6. I'm stopping by to return the follow. I never really noticed the Google doodle, i'll be taking more notice now. I love making origami roses so this post was a really interesting one to stumble upon. Thanks for checking out my blog.

  7. Hi there. I actually did see google's doodle today. I would love to have that designer's job! I linked up before you on the blog hop party! Stopping by to follow :-) Would love a follow back.

    Take care,

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