Judith Shakespear

Virginia Woolf was right when she said that in order to write fiction a woman must have money and a room of her own.  And I believe that her reasoning’s, though founded in the 1920’s, are still valid today.  See she believed that in order to be a successful writer, a woman needed her own resources and space because of her relative poverty and inherent dependence on a male figure, be it a husband or a father.  And while I might not have the same issues with dependency that Ms. Woolf and her counterparts did, I am finding it increasingly difficult to sufficiently isolate my brain into productivity.
I am a writer (in case your new here and didn’t know that) and my first book, The Caretakers, was published a few months ago – and it has done quite well (considering that I am not independently wealthy nor do I have a room of my own).  It was ranked 12th on Amazon’s best seller list for women’s fiction however, in order to keep up with its initial success I need to do the following (but I cannot because, again, I am not independently wealthy nor do I have a room of my own):
– Traditional Marketing: I need to be in constant contact with bloggers that post about books, reporters that write about books and critics that review books …
– Social Media Marketing: Again, I need to be consistently reaching out via the internet and its million plus resources; of course, I have yet to even master publicizing my blog let alone learning how to really use Twitter, Google +, Facebook etc. etc. etc …
– Writing: And most importantly, I need to find the time, not to mention the mind set, to keep up with my task … 
It’s hard not to wish for that which we don’t have … If I had a few extra thousand to toss into the air I would pay someone else to market my book – someone that was versed in the industry and the ways of the force – the social media force that is.  And I would build a room of my own off the far side of the house … a room where I wouldn’t hear the knock at the front door, the neighbor’s dog, the telephone ring nor the buzzer reminding me to switch the laundry (then again, if I could afford to build that room I’d probably pay someone else to switch the laundry too).  
Don’t get me wrong – I’m beyond thankful for what I do have and I am far from destitute … but sometimes I can’t help but be pulled in by that “If Only” mind set … Does that ever happen to you?  Do you have any “If Only’s”?  Bottom line is, I simply need to prioritize … and perhaps, either concentrate on the marketing or on my writing … the difficult part is deciding which route to go.  Ugghhh.
Ah, well, I might not have a room of my own, but that’s OK … because if I didn’t have the people around me that I do to share these walls with, well, then I really wouldn’t have anything at all. 


  1. I can only imagine the perils one faces trying to be a wife,mom and writer all at he same time. Keep up the good work and remember to embrace those around you that share those walls around you..great work.

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