Oversites and Oversights

Yea … it’s been a while … life took over … like a solid paying writing gig and some marketing for The Caretakers not to mention trying to wrap up the sequel (due out late this summer). Yet, here I be … BE HERE AM I (OK, I admit, I have a mild obsession with the mild mannered green Jedi).
Moving on … something I want to touch on before slamming myself back into the wide world of blogging are the reviews and comments I have been receiving … and hopefully, some of the folks that have made them will stop by sometime, read this, and grant me reprieve …
Writing Style
The Caretakers is written from three different first person viewpoints – a risk, I admit, especially for a first time author, but one that felt appropriate when I started putting pen to paper (yes, sometimes I do still write longhand). And I told the story in a nonlinear format – meaning it toddles from 1972/73 to 1988/89 to 1980 … back to ’72, etc. And I made mistakes. There are a few “jumps” in the storyline that I know some people had trouble following. Not everyone, some people like books that disclose information in that manner while others do not. Alas, the sequel is much smoother and I only hope people that read it will note the progression in my writing. Oh, and I know I made a HUGE error by naming one uncle Jim then referring to him as James later in the book – and for that, I can only apologize to the person who caught that and would pay them to edit the sequel – seriously, if you are reading this then you know who you are so let me know J
Grammar Spelling Punctuation
Unfortunately, my budget did not allow the same level of line editing that more commercial authors have and there were some silly, silly, silly (ridiculously silly) errors that were overlooked. Like stared instead of starred … and one that no one seems to have registered yet, the original editions/printings have a prolouge not a prologue … YIKES. I know. No excuses … only me rushing to publish before it was perfect.
Kindle Errors
Yes. I know. And again all my fault. There are certain fonts and formats that Kindle does not (or at least did not) recognize that say an ePub file would. I know there are around six thousand copies that were sold via Amazon prior to the corrections. Amazon assured me that they would send emails to everyone that purchased the book before March 11 offering a free upload of the corrected copy – which should be the only version available now.
Mistakes, errors, oversights, blunders, inaccuracies … while not everyone out there has been willing to forgive those, I do appreciate the people that while noting the errors also commented on the guts of the book, the flavor in the descriptions and the evolution of the characters because that is what lifted The Caretakers to 12th on Amazon’s bestseller list … and that is what I hope will continue to shine as my writing style evolves.
Tis’ all. Thanks for reading … I’ll be in touch soon. (BTW, if you are one of my haters, please, I beg of you, waste your time doing something else other than visiting my web page … and just don’t buy the next book.)


  1. I ordered your book on e-reader a while ago and just now read it. Yes, I noticed some editing issues, especially in the early portion of the text. But… I say learn from mistakes for the next time. What I really want to say is that this is a powerful story and portrayal of life. I loved the book. Your writing captures the heart and spirit of the characters and cuts into the essence of life. I appreciated the hope you brought into the story. That certainly will ease the hearts of all who have lost and grieved. Thank you… and keep up the writing!

  2. Good to see you posting again Shauna. I have been on a couple of blogging breaks this year.

    As for your work–I have loads more respect for those who publish. The critics will always be there; offering little but whining. Let me know who they are and I'll give them a binky.

    Keep up the good writing, and I hope you are enjoying summer.

  3. Oh well, we're all human, so making mistakes is normal. By the way, if these are the only mistakes you made in your book, then bravo.

    … and congrats on that big writing gig :)

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