Instagram + Teenager = CLEAN??

Good news … this is not another post about last night’s presidential debate … I know that lead-in is so intoxicating that you are bound to hang around and read this article in its entirety – heck, you might even tweet it or forward it to your friends. Go ahead … because I’m in need of some opinions …
The frustration of having a teenage daughter
Every morning I have my routine that undoubtedly is fairly similar to yours: I hesitantly open my eyes and have a heated discussion with myself as to whether or not I should get out of bed – eventually the prospect of a new day wins out and I rise from slumber – then, I head downstairs and do all those morning things that people do. But here’s where my day typically turns sour … about 30-40 minutes in, I start to gather up the dirty clothes from the previous day which leads me to enter my teenager’s bathroom. And I stand aghast. Is it possible that I might have the messiest child ever born?
Repeatedly I have asked – I have begged – for enough respect that would have her put empty wrappers, makeup soiled cotton balls, and any other bits of trash into the trash rather than on the floor, on the counter, in her sink. But no. The rubbish remains in plain sight. (And believe me, I am being kind with my lack of details on the extent of the said rubbish.)
So what’s a mother to do
Take her phone away? Stop doing her laundry? Ignore the mess hoping it will pile so high that eventually she will have no choice but to clean it up? Feed her nothing but broccoli and poached fish for dinner? Have a nervous breakdown and cry in front of her? Threaten her within a few breaths of her life?
No … no … no … silly! And this is where I need your opinions – I am going to get an Instagram account and start posting pictures of all her disastrously, disgusting, C R A P for all her friends to see too. I feel a wave of brilliance spread through my body … because I think even the mere thought of this happening might light a fire under her and get her to start tiding up a bit. I mean it is only 4 steps to the trashcan from her sink – I counted this morning.    
Thoughts? BTW, I will be presenting this idea to her tonight … truth be known I have no interest in opening an Instagram account – I’m still trying to figure Pintrest out. Be sure you come back by on Monday – I’ll let you know the progress and I might even post a picture. HA!

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Veronica Lee says:

    I'm with Sally too! It's all fair when you have to deal with obnoxious teenagers! Trust me, I have two!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Why do i see this in my toddlers' future??

  3. MiMi says:

    Oh, and also: I wasn't trying to tear joeh down.
    I just think it's silly that anyone could interpret that as bullying. I know he wasn't saying that HE felt that way. But just in case.

  4. MiMi says:

    Personally, I think it's a great idea. Bullying? Your own kid? In this day and age that's C R A P.
    Did you see the guy on FB that shot his daughter's laptop?? I'm all for that kind of punishment. Maybe a little shame will go a long way.
    I remember being a teenage girl and I was WAITING for the gruesome details on other trash you are SURE to find in her bathroom. Yuck.
    I'm with Sally. Give her fair warning and then it's on.
    Also. I wonder if people think you haven't ASKED her to clean up. Why would you resort to this if you hadn't begged and pleaded? Duh.
    Anyway. Great look on the blog!

  5. Sally says:

    I think it's a fabulous idea. I would give her a chance to clean up before you take the first photo. Then it's fair game! I have a child that I might try this out on!

  6. Anonymous says:

    HA HA! See ya on Instagram!

  7. supernoz says:

    You are brave! I probably wouldn't attempt this – I like what the other guy said about simply TELLING her. But I can't wait to see how she reacts when you tell suggest this.

  8. joeh says:

    In this day and age I think that might be interpreted as bullying. In any event I think it is not a great idea.

    I think, without making a big fuss out of it, you just tell her it his her job to clean the b-room “spick and span” once a week and she will not get dinner until that is done. Then stick to it..

    Food is a great motivator.

    Do not ask her, do not beg her, TELL HER!
    I am going to take a wild guess here and bet that your Mother or your Father did not ask or beg you to do things aroung the house they told you.

    At work your boss did not ask or beg, he TOLD!
    DO you ever watch “The Dog Wisperer?” Be the Pack Leader.

    I know, I just might be full of hot air!

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