My six year old can’t tie his shoes – but you should see him throw a football!

I have made mention before about those bumper sticker clad cars that drive up and down the highway boasting about ‘little Johnny’ and how he made the honor roll … or, after years of hard work, finally is student of the month … And I have, once or twice, pointed out the silliness of blogs that (gulp, here’s where I might gain a hater or two – but to be fair, I did not say ‘stupid’ I said ‘silly’ and please, remember this is all in good fun) post about nothing other than ‘little Johnny’s’ trivial accomplishments or far from comical observations. Well today, I learned that I might be classified as one of those annoyed with over-sharing parents …
The Today Show aired a piece about Blair Koenig who pens the blog, STFU, Parents where the tagline states: “You used to be fun now you have a baby.” (You can check out the links to the show and or to her site if you want to know more.) Basically, she’s exasperated by parents that use social media to disclose every single bit of information about their ‘little Johnny’ … like pooping in the potty, holding their breath underwater, accidently saying a swear word, using a spoon for the first time, blowing a bubble … you get the picture. And you know, I gotta say I sort of agree with her (three, there’s a third hater I just earned form this post).
Now to be honest, when I find a new blog that doesn’t enthrall me, I simply don’t visit it again – makes more sense to spend time reading content that I like rather than waste time viewing and making unappreciated, let alone negative, comments. Right? Everyone can agree on that. (Which again is why, on an entire different subject I don’t get the people that waste their time surfing the web and leaving nasty comments – but again, different subject.)
Anyway, if you have time, you should check it out … if nothing else it will make you chuckle a bit – even if you are the mother of said ‘little Johnny’. BTW, anyone know where I can find a bumper sticker that says, “My six year old can’t tie his shoes – but you should see him throw a football!”
Yes, for those of you that know me, I do have a GIANT Oregon Duck on the back of my Explorer, but that’s different – that’s football : )
P.S. Blair Koening? Are you reading this? If you are, I’ve got your back.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. STFUParents says:

    I am reading this! And I appreciate it!! :) Thanks very much, Shauna.

  2. Lonna says:

    Parents are strange. I blog about my annoying children all the time, but at least try to make it amusing. I know someone who's blog revolves around being pregnant and haer newborn babies' pictures. I'm highly suspicious that she keeps popping out kids for blogging purposes only.

  3. MiMi says:

    NOOOO! Beavers! LOL
    I did a post about parents who brag too much on their kids and how it's offensive sometimes. LOL

  4. Anonymous says:

    I saw the piece and thought it was great!

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