Ever See a Yogi Run Fast?

YOga_gaNapati.bmpI am a runner. And without regressing to the glory days, I will simply say that at one time – be it a long time ago – I was actually pretty darn good. Alas, I am no longer in the business of record setting and have attempted to embrace YOGA. Really. I have tried. Tried and tried and tried again to do the yoga thing – but alas, this is one time that the adage “try and try again”, should be put to rest because this inflexible dog cannot downward, upward or even salute the sun in a manner suitable to the ancient art. Bear in mind, I am not uncoordinated but when I finally become a tree (my favorite pose) the wind picks up and my branches quickly begin to flounder.

Still, I think the yogis like it when I show up because I give them something they don’t usually get from their instructor – entertainment. Pure entertainment. Don’t get me wrong here, I think it’s great that Suzy Q can incorporate a headstand into her daily routine and that Jenny O is able to perform a perfect lotus but I know that while they are “practicing” they are also pleasantly amused by the distraction my awkwardness provides …

And yet, while I know it’s not supposed to be a competition, I can’t help but feel a little, well, defeated as my dancer shakes violently whilst struggling to stay standing and the artistes nearby strike lovely uninhibited poses. Admittedly, some of the rivalry I feel comes directly from me as I have always been my toughest critic – but I can’t help but sense that the poor unfortunate souls unlucky enough to place their mats near me are a bit annoyed by the distraction I have provided. Then again, maybe that’s my inner critic …

(sigh) So, I take my wounded warrior home and secretly wish that the next time I show up for yoga, it will instead be an impromptu running class where I can show everyone that while these rigid hamstrings may only belong to a semi-happy baby, they can still turn out a six minute mile when prompted. Ah, the glory days.

Ideas anyone? Should I keep trying to channel my inner yogi? Sally? Are you reading this?

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  1. Bawhahaha. I feel you. I’m flexible. I’m strong… but yoga kills me for another reason. My brain will not shut up! I get so bored. I mean shoot me now, I’ve got a list with a hundred things I need to do within the first five minutes, things important and frivolous… things that will transport me right outta that studio. I need balls. I need action. I need something to chase. I need sweat! I need something FUN! I’ve thought about the hot box yoga… at least it gets the sweat thing on. I hear that you’re brain settles down because you’ve got to turn into survival mode. Nah, life’s too short, I’ll stick to my tennis and gaeilic football. There, I can laugh and run my body and my mouth. No shhhh’s for me. Good luck!

    1. snosler says:

      Survival mode is exactly what I feel like when I take the class – which admittedly hasn’t been recently.

  2. Lucie says:

    Good for you to try! I am right with you I would be the annoying one with no skills! You have a kick butt body I think you should try cross fit? Stinks getting older when the only real thing you love to do is run! :-) keep up the yoga before long you will be the instructor! :-)

    1. snosler says:

      Hmmm … I’ve thought about the Crossfit thing … maybe … alas I am sort of a creature of habit :) Thanks for stopping by!!

  3. Jimm B says:

    Yoga is great for stretching your flexibility and toning muscles you never knew u had. For my basic finess routine, i jog 3 times a week with yoga placed in between. That way, i feel that I covered all bases.

  4. thebergermeister says:

    I used to be a sprinter.. wasn’t too bad at it either :) i honestly used to think yoga was silly and the best way to stay fit was to be running and exercising outside. But I have recently gotten into hot yoga and am addicted.
    I understand how you feel during class, and how it sometimes feel like a competition. I say keep it up (at least a month) and focus on yourself, and yourself only, during class. It really makes a difference and makes it a more enjoyable and relaxing class. I say keep it up, you can only get better!

    1. snosler says:

      Thanks … I was a sprinter too – hence the super tight hamstrings … yea, I need to do hot yoga … I’m going to try and hit it twice this week, then three times … see where it takes me :)

  5. Amanda says:

    Love your post! And I’d like to add a perspective shared by a teacher of mine, Leslie Kaminoff. Yoga isn’t about the shape you have to put your body into, its moving your body with your breath into the shape that works for you— even if it is a little wobbly!

    1. snosler says:

      Thank you … I wouldn’t b able to do it if the lights were on though :)

  6. Keep going, if you can. After awhile, your body will actually crave these poses that make you cringe (I swear!). Show up, breathe, stretch…it’s all good.

  7. Amy says:

    I too am not flexible but yoga is all about what is for you and that is what I love about the practice so keep going for you and just do it your way!

    1. snosler says:

      I need to show back up at the hot place … maybe they can inspire me with some kick ass music!

  8. Sally says:

    YEAH!!!! You are doing yoga. You need to do Ashtanga. Trust me. I know you and this is the kind of yoga for you! Xoxo
    “Practice and all is coming…” Sri K Pathabi Jois

    1. snosler says:

      OMG I cannot believe I channeled you to read this ;) HA! Yes well, I wouldn’t exactly say I am doing yoga … I am showing up … I am trying … but I am grumbling under my breath the entire time!!

    2. snosler says:

      I think I need a 30 minute class … you know someone should do an intro class – not one for “beginners” where they don;t really do anything, but one where the flow and basic poses are introduced … that’s what I need … hey, why don;t you fly on over and teach one :)

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