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point-breakEvan Brooks aka Chameleon at Large

This is part of The Weekly Writing Challenge  

Justin, Callie, Evan and I all live within a few hundred feet of each other and together, have been riding bus number fifty-six to and from school for nearly five years. In the mornings, Evan is always the first one standing at our stop and in the afternoons, he’s always the one holding our driver up from leaving the school grounds on time. He’s funny, in a comical way, and invariably seems to dole out enough witty charm to keep our bus driver from getting too terribly agitated by his continual tardiness. Everyone knows Evan does this on purpose. He’s a bit theatrical and seems to enjoy the opportunity to schmooze with an adult …

I was twelve when I first met Evan. He was taller than I was – which was kinda rare in the seventh grade since most of the boys had yet to hit any real growth spurt. Then again, he wore his hair spiked up in little peaks that simulated sharpened pencil tips. Which looking back makes me wonder if he really was taller than me or if it was just those golden tips that permeated the space above him. Of course at the time he was obsessed with Arnold Schwarzenegger and The Terminator movies – I guess he thought his meticulous naturally brunette turned peroxide yellow coif was as close to appearing Bavarian as he could be.

In ninth grade, after seeing Point Break, Evan turned his fixation to surfing. He let his hair grow out so he could make it swing with the tilting of his head. And he was always saying things like, “Hang loose Dude”. He even highlighted his hair and used self-tanner that turned his skin more of a burnt orange than the savage brown he was after.

Now Evan is totally into the Grunge thing, knows every word to every Pearl Jam song, and recently told me he was considering becoming a vegan – a term that I had to look up not realizing there where actual subtitles in vegetarianism. Still, I like Evan. He’s a regular chameleon yet he’s about as concrete as a person can be – always in a good mood, and ready to pounce on you with a stupid adage like, “Turn that frown upside down” if he catches you sulking.

# # #

The preceding 382 words are part of a character development exercise hosted by the Daily Post at Word Press. Here is the LINK if you want to read more or get in on the Weekly Writing Challenge yourself. Additionally, it just so happens that Evan (and Justin and Callie and the narrator) are characters in my next book – a Y/A crossover. What’d ya think?? Can you picture Evan? Think early ninety’s …

14 Comments Add yours

  1. SolsticeSon says:

    I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check out the details on my blog. Cheers.

  2. Sammy Davies says:

    Liked this. It’s odd when you have characters bouncing around in your own brain to all of a sudden be thrown other who you don’t know as well.

    It’s good to read though because it helps me to see that when people read about my characters they don’t instantly know them like I might.


    1. snosler says:

      Very true – and it’s nice to hear someone else say they “know” their characters … I feel like a few of them are friends :)

  3. edgeledge says:

    Evan sounds like Holden Caulfield but a lot more lively and less morose…

    1. snosler says:

      Hmmmm … I have been meaning to reread that book … it’s been eons!

      1. edgeledge says:

        I recently re-read it and enjoyed it, I have seen some that enjoyed it when read in their youth but not when re-read as an adult. Curious to hear your take, when you get around to reading it ;)

  4. Honestpuck says:

    Pretty good. I tend to write tighter than you, perhaps my years as a journo and editor, and also prefer tight writing in others.

    One note — in your note at the bottom “following 382 words” should be “preceding 382 words”

    1. snosler says:

      Thank you – funny thing is I just had an agent tell me that when I write Y/A I have a tendency to let my characters to drift off with their stream of consciousness. I write tighter when it’s for the paper :) And yes! Preceding … good grief!

  5. LubbyGirl says:

    OK, so I was curious to see what you’d written for this challenge – I can see Evan in my mind!! :-)
    Ya know what caught my attention first, though? That Emerson quote – it made me think of something my late husband used to say … something like, “Some folks are like chickens. They wake up in a new world every day.” Made me laugh every time he said it.

    1. snosler says:

      Oh no … now you have me torn … sometimes I guess it’s good to forget old nonsense and move forward and other times its acting like a chicken :)

      1. LubbyGirl says:

        yah, I thought it was funny, cuz it was so much like that quote of my husband’s, only with a totally different meaning. I got a large charge out of it. :-D

    1. snosler says:

      Really?? ;) What is that????

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