Tell Little Johnny to Go Away …

ImageI wish I had two blogs. NO. No I don’t. It’s all I can do to keep up writing here, write for my ‘real” job, write the third and final installment of the trilogy I’ve been working on and find the time to sleep my body’s nine-hour required minimum. (Yes, I know – it’s a lot … but I’m one of those odd people that require major sleep hours to function.)


IF I had a second blog, I wouldn’t be worried about who was reading and who wasn’t. I wouldn’t read between the lines when people make innuendos … and I wouldn’t bother my thinking-out-loud-and-writing-brain with concerns of who or whom I may or may not be offending … or whose dinner party I wouldn’t get invited to because I pissed them off when I made an entire blog post about their ever-always-forever-constantly-whiney child. (See, right there, I already know there’s someone – a neighbor, cousin, friend – reading this wondering if I am referring to their sweet little Johnnyrest assured … I have never written an ENTIRE post about anyone’s little Johnny.)


I’ve often wondered why bloggers choose to use their real names, or not. I am a writer. I have published works, including one book and a few others in the oh-please-mr.-or in this particular case-mrs.-agent-sell-this-one-to-the-highest-bidding-publisher-before-I-vomit … and being that I am a writer, I need to – and want to – use my real name so readers can and will appropriately associate my name with my various writings. And so, in going with today’s daily prompt: Keep Out – “Who is the one person you wish isn’t reading your blog”, alas, I haven’t a single name to offer forth … except maybe little Johnny … then maybe I’d get my dinner invitation back. Who ever taught the little pipsqueak to read anyway?!

Today’s post is part of The Daily Prompt – KEEP OUT.

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  1. geekergosum says:

    I always thought about separating out my blogs, have an angry one, a personal one, a politics one…and then I remember that all these parts are not individual components of what makes me it’s a combination of these parts. If people don’t like it then I recommend and find one of the many other billion pages that are out there. Good post!

    1. snosler says:

      Geesh. I’m just finding this comment – for some reason it was hanging out in my spam folder. Anyhoo, you are right – there are a billion other places for those that don;t like the writing to hang out. Although, I do sort of like the idea of having a separate angry blog though :) Or one where I can vent about the folks next door – HAHA.

      1. baka8 says:

        I suppose that would depend on what kind of boef you had, bourgenon or if the depends were DEPENDS under wear for incontinent adults who tend to crap themselves silly.

  2. Big daddy says:

    Must not got your 9 hours. :-)

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