Who needs water anyway??

ImageI have an office in my house. First floor. Next to the main powder room (ooohhh … that sentence makes it sound like I have multiple powder rooms – I do not – only one – nice house but definitely not the one where you have to give guests directions just to find the bathroom). Back to my story … this afternoon, upon entering the office for the umpteenth time, I spy a paper suspiciously perched atop my laptop. I approach my desk figuring the said paper is going to be another one of my teenagers written pleas for the latest and greatest  iPhone, but alas … it is not. It is a bill. One my husband must have retrieved from the mailbox, opened, read and decided it was mine to deal with … so there it was … again, placed atop my computer. Mine to deal with.

It’s from the water company. It’s a disconnect notice. And it is for $581.25. Oops.

I pour a glass of wine – which means I have left the office and entered the kitchen. My mind wanders … this can’t be right — I mean I drink a lot of water and have teenagers that take long showers but all my indoor plants die from lack of water so how the hell can we owe $581.25?? OK. OK. I admit I have been known to overlook bills and, on occasion, had to pay two months at a time, BUT!! $581.25??

I go back into the office, reread the bill … disconnect set for October 22 … no payment recorded for last month …  I look up my bank account, go back five months, and see that I have indeed paid my water bill every single month – so what’s with the $581.25?? Clearly, it’s a mistake – and I will deal with it on Monday … of course I have until October 22 so maybe I’ll wait it out – just for fun. See what happens … then again … maybe I’ll put it on my husband’s computer – just for fun. See what happens … God, sometimes I make myself laugh. Have a great Friday everyone!

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