Empathy for 2014

ImageI’ve never been big on New Year’s resolutions. I’m more of a Monday girl – you know, Mondays are the start of a new week and as there are 52 of them throughout the year, I sort of figure why not let Mondays be the day to turn over a new leaf … or let an old one drift off with the wind for that matter.

There’s a lot of talk this time of year about losing weight, drinking less, working out more … even reducing debt, being more charitable, more introspective, more forgiving, more passionate, more in-the-present … all good ideas – no, great ideas, but also all things we should give attention to during the entire year not just during the month of January (hence, my aforementioned Monday decree). And sometimes, I think knowing that January first is around the corner gives us leeway over the Holidays (think Christmas cookies, Thanksgiving turkey, Halloween treats) to overindulge … eat too much, spend too much, drink too much, procrastinate too much.

January is our scapegoat. Our liberator – our redeemer. And I suppose that’s a good thing because God knows we humans need one. But why January? Why not Mondays??

According to Roman mythology, Janus is the god of the doorway, hence, his namesake January … makes sense then that we would claim the first day of this first month as the day to set our intentions for the positive change we’d like to see in ourselves, but, as there are 364 more days before we get another door opening, again, I say we set Mondays … or any given day for that matter, as a time to begin a new, a start fresh, forgive ourselves, perhaps, for falling down.

Not all that long ago, I meant someone that introduced me to the idea of having compassion not only for others, but for one’s self – and if you really think about it, it’s the most basic of all concepts, but unfortunately, not one that many people heed. Yet, it is something I hope to teach my own children … because they will fall down. They will make mistakes. They will have outcomes they don’t plan for, wish for, want. But. If they have within them the capacity to at least try and understand their own misgivings, then they also should carry a deeper rooted empathy for others. And that my friends, is what I hope to accomplish in 2015 … if, on January 2, 2015, I can look back and say I have learned how to be more empathetic – with others, with myself, with the universe – then I will have accomplished something … and fortunately, I have 51 Mondays left to revisit this intention should I stumble along the way.

And so every Monday, beginning this coming Monday, January 6th, I will post something that I’m working on for that week … givin the upcoming weather forecast for Monday – a whopping high of negative six degrees – I’ll probably be focusing my efforts on loving the universe around me no matter that temperature, but one never knows … stay tuned : ) Then next year, I’ll have a 52-week Empathy Journal – I’ll link it up over on yonder sidebar should anyone care to read along … what fun, I know : )

This post inspired by, The Daily Prompt, PROGRESS: When you look back at your blog on January 2, 2015, what would you like to see?”

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Lorraine says:

    I love it! A do-over every Monday. I’m in! And compassion for one’s self first, along with forgiveness and kindness is vital to truly extending it to others, I think. Good post.

    1. SHAUNA says:

      Thanks – unfortunately it is more difficult to forgive ourselves our misgivings … you know how we always label ourselves negatively first … so silly. Anyway, I’m hoping to train myself out of that sooner than later :)

  2. vernette says:

    Wow! I love that you’re a “Monday person”. I do believe that is the first time I’ve ever heard that. I have to follow your journey now!.

    1. SHAUNA says:

      Awesome – good to know I’ll have to be accountable now :) Always easier to lay the good plans out than to follow through :) Nice to meet you!!

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