Red Mustangs and ET …

ImageIt was 1988. I was a peon. A struggling college student without a care in the world – really, no cares. Not a one. Heck I used to think that if I still had checks, then consequently there must still be money in my bank account – right? I’d stroll around campus – on sunny days, that is … when it rained I didn’t venture out … which did end up biting me in the butt – hard – my freshman year because as it turned out, my professors still held classes on rainy days and actually expected their students to learn what was being taught. Needless to say, my not-a-care-in-the-world attitude bought me a whopping 1.9 GPA and a swift academic warning from the dean.

But. While the entire point of a higher education didn’t sink into my brain until much later, my freshman year was not all a loss – it was the year I met my future husband. The year I first spied his1966 cherry red Mustang meandering down the cobblestone streets of fraternity row. I was awe struck – yea, yea, I know … a car … I admit it. It was his car, not his winning personality, his baby blue eyes, nor his captivating smile that drew me in … it was a car. Funny thing is, the first time I rode in it was over winter and you know what? The darn thing didn’t have heat. And I was miserable. Alas, while the car didn’t last, we have and for that I will always hold dear to my heart that old vintage Mustang – maybe someday, maybe, we’ll buy another ’66 – of course I will pay to have heat installed. God I hope my husband’s not reading this … honey, this does not give you the OK to start searching the classifieds for a ’66 Mustang!

On a completely different note – has anyone watched the news this morning? Did you happen to see that a team of “explorers/scientists” are searching for hundreds of the old Atari ET game cartridges – circa early 80’s? Supposedly tossed into a landfill in New Mexico … is it just me, or do some people have entirely too much time on their hands?

Today’s quick little post inspired by The Daily Prompt: “He’s So Fine“What was it that drew you to your significant other?”

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  1. slamdunk says:

    Sweet car indeed. And, I heard they found those old Atari 2600 cartridges related to an upcoming documentary–the myth is evidently now a truth.

  2. The Wolf on the Web says:

    The Ford Mustang is the sexiest car ever built. Are you sure it was his blue eyes and smile? ;-) Yes I read the article about the Atari ET Games. ET was dubbed the worst game ever. Let’s see where this goes.

  3. Big Daddy says:

    Found one!

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