Shhh … don’t tell anyone but I am Isis – really, I am.

ImageI’ve always wanted to fly. You can thank my childhood obsession with Marvel comics for that – or wait … maybe it wasn’t Marvel? (Yes, sometimes I get DC and Marvel mixed up – what can I say, I unlike my copyrighted friends, am human.) Oh I know what you’re thinking … that is if you are still reading … you’re thinking I’m going to bore you with yet another rendition of a young girl’s fixation with Wonder Woman. Or maybe Bat Girl (I mean I do compare most men in my life to Bruce Wayne) … but no. No. You would be wrong …

When I was say seven or eight, there were two shows on T.V.  if only I’d had a TEVO that demanded my complete attention and uninterruptable imagination. I’m toying with the idea of layering on the adjectives and prolonging this post but alas I am running on limited time here today so I’ll cut to the chase. Electra Woman and Dina Girl, and the white-smock wearing, gold-buckle bearing Greek goddess Isis. Please tell me someone is reading this that also watched – or at least remembers – those two shows?? Anyone?

Moving on – again, I’m short on time here – I used to want to be Isis. Actually, for a short time in the fifth grade I even told people I was Isis … and I believed I was but that I just hadn’t uncovered how to use my powers yet … ah, youth … alas, my stupid older cousin broke that illusion (how he broke it will have to come another day) – for which I have never forgiven him … and, in keeping with the prompt, IF I were part mutant I’d one, be able to fly (duh) and two, be able to go back in time and squish his mediocrity with my greatness. So there. Eat that stupid older cousin (if you happen to be reading this, that is.)

Today’s post inspired by The Daily Prompt: Mutants and Hybrids –“If you were one part human, two parts something else — another animal, a plant, an inanimate object — what would the other two parts be?”

4 Comments Add yours

  1. davekheath says:

    When I was eight I though Dyna Girl was the greatest superhero ever.

  2. Big daddy says:

    Are you Isis?

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