Channeling Aldous Huxley …

thinkerYes, Virginia, a person can over think … or wait, can they? Can a person really over think something? Is it possible to spend too much time pondering a decision?  (Note, if you cannot answer that question from the get-go then you are clearly an over thinker and this post might send you into a thinking induced coma.)

I mean we’ve all seen the crazy lady in the grocery store that has to smell a dozen cantaloupe before picking one out only to decide at the check out that she really doesn’t think it’s ripe and therefore doesn’t want it after all.  (Oh, was that you – sorry – but come on already!) Yes, Virginia – a person can over think …

And then there’s the other crazy lady at the table opposite you trying to decide between the New York strip and the bone-in rib eye. (Oops, that was you too?  Again, I apologize but unless this is your last meal could you just decide so the waitress can make her way over to my table please.)

And let’s not forget the crazy lady at the paint store who can’t decide between white umber, Nantucket white, white dove, white linen,picket fence white, ashen white … I mean for the Love of God … it all looks the same when it’s on the flippin’ wall!!  (No don’t tell me? You again?) Again, yes Virginia – a person can over think …

Ugghhh … it’s been an odd couple of days … I have been thinking too much, my brain is spent and I need a soma holiday.  Aldous Huxly where are you? Oh, and for those of you that don’t quite get that literary reference, don’t worry … you’re not alone … I doubt the crazy lady did either. 

Today’s post inspired by my twisted up brain and The Daily Prompt: From the Top: “Today, write about any topic you feel like — but you must reuse your opening line (at least) two more times in the course of your post.

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