Never underestimate the importance of dental floss and pearls …

Time is funny. And it’s not fair. I don’t care what anyone says, argue if you must, but there’s nothing constant about it. It is, in fact, erratic at best. Relative? (yes, thank you Einstein). Absolute? (no, sorry Newton).


Time is always changing. It’s never the same one day to the next. Oh, sure, there’re 24 hours in a day, 86,000 seconds in a day – but, no one second is ever the same. Sort of like a snowflake … case in point, when you’re doing something you love, time flies by like it has an agenda. Like it has to get somewhere. Like it’s only teasing you, making you think it’s on your side. BUT. Do something you loathe (like that seventh mile on the treadmill this morning) and those seconds drag on and on as if they are going to exist forever.


Yes, time is as fickle as a prom queen. She loves you, she loves you not, she loves you, she loves you not … and so on …


Which is exactly why IF I had to put anything in a time capsule, or, for that matter, was allowed the chance to give advice to future generations, I’d probably tell them this:


“Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door.”

~ Coco Channel


Oh, and I’d throw some dental floss into that capsule too. I mean you just never know when it might come in handy. And some pearls. Yes. Coco would’ve liked that.


Today’s post inspired by The Daily Prompt: Time Capsule – What would you put in this year’s time capsule to channel the essence of our current moment for future generations.”

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