Whatever happened to Lois Lane?

ImageTo completely erase a moment, an event, a decision – any particular thing from one’s past isn’t possible. You can’t take back the time you did “this” or the time you did “that” no matter how much you wish it away. You are – I hate to break it you – a lowly mortal … unable to fly backwards around the world at supersonic speed and save Lois Lane from the mountain of dirt that is drowning her as she sits, helpless in her car.

But. Given the chance, would you really want to undo that which is done? OK … sure … I wish I never would have gotten my hair cut; wish I would have worn a different shirt in my high school senior picture; wish I never tried salt and pepper Kettle chips (because if you’ve ever tried one then you know that one bag does not stay around for long) … the petty list continues. But. Assuming that you/we are talking about the “big” things, there are, undoubtedly a number of thoughtless decisions that we’ve – as a collective – made that … well, seemed like a good idea at the time.


But. If we take back those said thoughtless decisions, true, we would get to take back the not so pleasant consequences, but we would also forfeit any of the good that resulted. And sometimes, it’s those lessons learned from our careless act that in the long run, save us. So don’t throw out all your baggage – if you will. Keep some of it. Treasure it. It got you to where you are.

As for Miss Lane, well she was lucky to have a superhero on her side. But for the rest of us … we need to understand that to have some regrets is one thing – but to constantly lament over the past is absurd. It ruins your today.

Today’s post inspired by, The Daily Prompt: Baggage Check –“We all have complicated histories. When was the last time your past experiences informed a major decision you’ve made?”



  1. Thanks for visiting my blog.
    You should write that princess story about she saving her ass.
    One thing I can’t shake is that erasing a moment doesn’t necessarily prevent the mistakes that happened.

  2. Everything definitely does happen for a reason! I wouldn’t worry about being a day late for the prompt either, you felt compelled to write something and that’s all that matters :) Are you going to do todays now though!?

    • Nah … I thought about it – maybe I’ll change my mind … but my 360 would be on a very hot topic and not sure everyone would read it thoroughly enough to be understanding – are you doing today’s??

    • Oopse … today’s is the movie one, hu? Nah … I’d have to quote Batman or something … and I’d have to spend too much time looking it up :)

  3. Hear hear! We’re definitely on the same page about this. There are parts of every person’s past that just plain suck — but as humans, we build presents and futures based on our pasts. And thanks for stopping by my own blog (The Quiet One)!

  4. hahah thanks for checking out my post- i agree that there are a lot of things we want to erase but hey they happened for a reason and have brought us to the present. and i certainly do try to forget the old creepy mexican… but there are certain things I can’t control, only time can. :)

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