Would you feed your cat that?

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I like lasagna. But what’s not to like about melted mozzarella and pasta? Truth be told, I prefer vegetarian versions with mushrooms and spinach and fresh tomatoes sliced on the top, BUT I certainly don’t need an altered recipe card to tell me how to create my version from the standard layers of sauce, ricotta, grated cheese, beef and pasta version. And quite frankly, it amazes me how many people do.

I’ve always been baffled by the recipe collecting kind. Because again, how many ways can there possibly to make lasagna — you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. (Yes, that’s a hyperlink to a lovely, little post I wrote about the Italian dish — go ahead and open it; it’s rather humorous if I do say so myself.)

I sort of feel the same way about crockpots. Don’t get me wrong, a crockpot can be a lifesaver in the winter months — especially when you work downtown, want to hit a yoga class after work, have a husband that travels, and three kids with insane schedules. Even so, I don’t need a recipe to tell me how to toss a few items together with a little liquid and spices. And if I don’t have any celery, the roast isn’t really going to care — it will still cook just fine.

Which brings me this, can there possibly be more than one way to make a meat loaf? Well, yes, as it turns out … there are so many ways to make meatloaf that someone over at the Food Network decided to share. Of course I’m skeptical. For starters I’ve always thought anything with the word “loaf” should be reserved for cats (not the dog. Recall, I don’t like cats. I like dogs). And secondly, the mere thought of manually forming meat into some shape other than what it’s supposed to be, well, that kinda makes me cringe. I mean isn’t SPAM just another version of meatloaf? Nothing against the folks over at Hormel, but I’m just sayin’.

Today’s post brought to you by The Daily Prompt: Connect the Dots — “Scour the news for an entirely uninteresting story. Consider how it connects to your life. Write about that.”

Oh and for the record, my dog does get to eat leftover lasagna. He is, after all, not a cat.