How I know the Starbucks siren loves the U.S. Military

star militaryI may have mentioned that the twin-tailed siren and I are friends. Good friends. No, the BEST of friends. She gets me. And I am a better person when she’s around. So the other day, we were chatting it up when coincidentally an email from Starbucks arrived. And for those of you that think this has anything to do with the big red-cup controversy, you are wrong. That’s just plain stupid. The siren and I agree — stupid. Here’s how the email, direct from Seattle, read  …

Veterans, active duty service members and spouses — enjoy a free, tall (12 fl oz) brewed hot coffee on Veterans Day. *** At participating stores. One per customer. Customization not included.

“That’s ridiculous,” I said to the siren.

“Ridiculous!” she agreed.

See here’s what I don’t get. While it’s a nice gesture to offer our men and women currently in uniform or previously in uniform, a 12-ounce cup of coffee, do you not think Starbucks could afford a little customization? I mean this is for our heroes. This is for the people that have helped keep our coffee-drinking selves safe. Now I know the thanking of our military personnel for their service does not rest solely on the shoulders of Starbucks and its profitability margin, but the siren and I think an extra shot of espresso or a splash of vanilla — or both — are definitely deserved when it comes to our soldiers, sailors, airmen, corpsmen and all U.S. military alike.

So while I doubt Starbucks corporate will up their game this year, I hope that all the baristas I know will give any veterans, active duty service member or their spouse whatever drink they want! I know if I’m in line today and I see someone in uniform, that their drink will be on me — not literally of course, I don’t want it spilled on me … but I will pay for it. It’s the very least I can do — even if it’s served in a plain red cup, sans any snowflakes.

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