Today, of all days, please smile at a stranger …

children playingI don’t read as many blogs — or books, or news sites, or magazines for that matter — as I’d like to. Mostly, I suppose, because when I find I have time to read for pleasure, I’ve already done so much reading and so much research that my brain begs for stillness. So rather than read, I either get suckered in by nonsense TV (like the kind of shows that tomorrow you could ask me if I watched, and I would answer yes, but have no idea what happened) or I get pulled to the couch with a bottle glass of wine and welcome the quiet.

But today, because the radio DJ reminded me that it was three years ago that I learned all sense of decency had finally disappeared from our world … today, because three years ago I felt an unquantifiable pull to hold the hand of a stranger … today, because I wanted nothing more than to be alone as much as I wanted to be surrounded by people … today I read blog post after blog post and news story after news story about the day the devil strolled into an elementary school in Newtown. And while I could share those links, I’m not going to … you can Google it. You can find the ones you want to read; the ones you don’t but still will. And you should — because …

We can never forget, never shelf, never cushion the fear nor the gut wrenching horror we all felt three years ago today.

And so today, I read, I write, I remember — but I will not point fingers, will not blame guns today, will not debate what could be done nor what should be done, no … today I simply remember. And allow sadness to creep into a little hollowed out portion of my heart where I remember the children. Now go hug someone today — and smile at a stranger. Everyone needs it today.

Today’s post inspired by The Daily Prompt, Press It“Give some love to three blog posts you’ve read and loved in the past week, and tell us why they’re worth reading.”

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