Secretly, I wish I was Cat Woman …

catwomanDo you have a favorite person? If you’re a sixteen year old girl, you probably do — or at least you think you do because when you’re sixteen, your boyfriend is your everything. Likewise, if you’re an infant — (which clearly I know you’re not, I mean who’s ever heard of an infant that can read let alone surf the internet for interesting blogs?) then the person who feeds you is undoubtedly your favorite. Hey, let’s face it; infants rate a person’s popularity the same way a dog does — you feed ‘em, keep ‘em warm and dry and you become their everything. It’s that simple.

But, for the sake of this post I’m going to assume you are neither a teenage girl nor an infant, therefore, I am also going to assume you don’t have a favorite person. I mean how could you? How could anyone who’s lived a life that’s allowed them to meet interesting, lovely people, ever choose a favorite? (A favorite child, sure — we all have our favorite child … just kidding … really, that’s a joke. Sort of ; )

Today’s post inspired by The Daily Prompt: My Favorite“What’s the most time you’ve ever spent apart from your favorite person? Tell us about it.” Oh, and as for my title … yea … I guess it’s not a secret anymore. The cat’s outa the bag, eh? (Wow, I’m super clever today!)

And for anyone that actually stuck around to read this far from entertaining post, instead of telling you about all my favorite people (because there are a lot and I could make a list but then I’d probably leave someone off and this would be the one day that that someone would actually read my blog and then they’d get all upset for no reason whatsoever — and yes, that was a run-on sentence) I’ll leave you (as if you care) with a tiny list of a few of my favorite things (and no, The Sound of Music is most certainly not one of them).

A Few of my Favorite Things … FAMILY  Enough said. TOMATOES  Anything and everything tomato.  Love the big beefy ones, sliced thick and sprinkled with sugar for breakfast … or broiled with mozzarella and basil … or fresh, plump and juicy and eaten like an apple. HYDRANGEAS White ones … and just about any white flowers for that matter. SMART PEOPLE with OPINIONS What’s not to love about people that actually know what they are talking about and share their wisdom with the rest of us? OLIVES Any and all. SLIGHTLY-DIRTY KETEL ONE MARTINIS Times two on any given Friday night. SUNRISES Not sunsets — there’s a difference. One is evidence of yesterday’s promise of another day fulfilled. The other is simply an end. CAT WOMAN If you have to ask then you don’t understand. STARBUCKS Again, if you have to ask then you don’t understand.


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