Pluck a chicken, or give up your laptop — which would you rather?

chickenComputers are an ordinary, everyday, modern necessity in today’s world. As are debit cards, cell phones, Internet,, Starbucks, Prozac … OK, OK … maybe not Prozac … maybe Soma? What? No, no. Not the stupid lingerie store trying to crowd in on VS profits. The one that also thinks their choice of name a clever play on words — it’s not, a clever play on words that is; as anyone who knows Huxley would agree. But moving on, for the sake of this post let’s at least agree on one thing — we’d all be at a loss without our shiny screens and QWERTY boards.

I don’t remember when I first got my own computer — not like I remember my first ATM card (college), my first Miami Vice-ish cell phone (at my first job out of college), my first cappuccino (San Francisco, working the same job that gave me my cell phone). And believe it or not, if I try hard enough, if I close my eyes and try really, really hard, I can still remember the über cool feeling I had when I crossed the cab-laden street, giant-sized phone in one hand, the siren in my other, barely balancing on my three inch heels … I felt victorious. And accomplished. And free.

Oddly enough, the freedom that I once cherished sometimes feels more like a burden now. What with the ability to be reached at any and all hours of the day in any and all corners of the Earth. I mean there is no such thing as a dead zone anymore — well, maybe in Zimbabwe but since I don’t do a lot of work in Zimbabwe I really have nowhere to hide.

But progress is good. I mean hey, without it we’d still be plucking our own chickens and roasting them over an open fire in the back yard — and that would be gross.

But funny thing is, if I had to do without one of those aforementioned things I labeled modern day necessities, the one thing I’d choose to give up is my computer — because although I’d dearly miss and The Flavored Word, I’d still write … with a sharp pencil and stark white unlined paper. It’s how I started writing and it’s how I still write sometimes. I wrote my first book that way. In fact, I even have drawers full of handwritten composition that I go to for inspiration. Inspiration that takes me back to a life without a computer. To a life less complicated. One I like to remember, but not one I care to go back to. I mean hey, my cappuccino is my Soma.

Today’s post inspired by The Daily Prompt: Life After Blogs“Your life without a computer: what does it look like?”

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