What goes best with a martini? A circle, of course.

willI like circles. They’re neat little shapes with a beginning and an end that depending on how you look at one, can either standout or fade into the abyss of its shape.

I don’t care for squares — never been a fan of right angles. I mean how boring is a right angle? (Totally boring!) Triangles are fine, (I like things that come in odd numbers) as are trapezoids and all those crazy shapes that do their own thing. But when it comes right down to it, I like circles the best. I like them when I run because I know I can always find my way back. And I especially like them when I drink martinis. Circles can be so much fun when mixed with olives and vodka … particularly when you run into one (literally) at a restaurant or bar.

A few months ago I was out with a group with of friends when I had the marvelous experience of running in and around a revolving door … you know, like in Elf. The valets didn’t think I was very funny, but the hostess was amused as were most of the incoming guests. One gentleman even left his seat at the piano bar and joined me for a few rounds. It was exhilarating. Really — just until the point where one of my friends pulled me out, tossed me over his shoulders and insisted that it was time to leave. He must like squares.

Today’s post inspired by The Daily Prompt: Saturday Night — “Tell us about the most exciting big night out you had recently.”


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  1. James Pailly says:

    As a fellow circle fan, I’d like to recommend the book Flatland by Edwin Abbott Abbott. As I recall from that book, circles are the “ruling class” in the society of geometric shapes.

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