DO NOT cash grandma’s stock to go on spring break!


High school was awesome — like really, really, awesome. I only wish I’d realized just how awesome it was when I meandered the hallways. Don’t get me wrong — I have zero, zilch, not one iota of an inkling, to return to those days, BUT if my Genie would appear and grant me unlimited wishes, I would grab the opportunity to relive one of those moments one of those amazing moments when, along with my friends, we were the kings and queens of our day …

Truth be known, I think some of the glory that presides in those said Glory Days is the profound sense of security that I had, even without fully recognizing the fully deployed umbrella resting over my head. I mean hey, I had a mother that loved me; that cooked for me; bought me clothes … I had friends to spend time with me; to cheer for me … I had my health; my creativity; my intellect … and I had possibility — anything and everything was within my grasp.

“If we open a quarrel between past and present, we shall find that we have lost the future.” ~ Winston Churchill

So, if I could relive a moment in time when — for at least as far as I knew — the future’s only promise was possibility, I would. I would bask in that sensation … and I would learn to banish all consideration of future failure. That’s what I would do.

SIDEBAR: Yes. Yes I could, like the vast majority of the some odd billion number of people here on Earth, find a gazillion things that didn’t exactly go my way over the years, but would I want to return to those moments and change the experience? Or the outcomes be them favorable, or not? Nah. I like my flawed life. And if I could give out any advice to anyone else, it would be to make a conscious effort to focus on the positive, on the now … because the entire idea of rehashing past blunders a waste of time, and quite frankly, we don’t have that much of it. One note, however, to any coeds or future coeds out there, whatever you do, don’t cash in that stock your grandmother gave you just so you can enjoy a spring break. I’m telling you, DON’T DO IT! Because like everything, that spring break will someday be part of your past and you’ll be happier in the future with that stock in hand rather than a tattoo on your ass.

Today’s post inspired by The Daily Prompt, Alma Mater“You’ve been asked to speak at your high school about the path of life — draft the speech.”

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  1. capejohn says:

    The last line is classic.

    1. SHAUNA says:

      Yes well. I mean me personally, I’d rather have that stock than a damn tattoo. Of course the tattoo does make for fun memories. Oh to be so young!

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