Why I talk to myself — and why you should try it!

genie-lampI’m a talker. Not the kind that rattles on and on with the grocery clerk whilst she rings up my purchases. Not the kind that hangs out by the water cooler in my office building simply dying to tell someone about my weekend plans (or lack thereof). And most definitely not the kind that dials up a friend or colleague just to chat about the weather (the football game, the presidential candidates, the price of tea in China). But I have to admit, I am pretty tight with the little voices that live within my brain — I like to call them my genies … always there to dispense advice but never quite willing to grant me my third wish.

Seriously — and no, I am not crazy — but I love my genies. They’ve consoled me when I’ve felt like the entire world’s been against me. They’ve encouraged me to push past negativity, to reach for greatness. And they remind me, from time to time, that I am a mere mortal and that sometimes even I need to slow things down and take a broader look at the world around me; to consider, if you will, what really matters.

This morning I was behind the eight ball from the second I woke up. I left the house a solid twenty minutes later than usual but still managed to log a little over five miles on the lonely city streets. I could have stopped at four and had more time to get ready for an early morning meeting across town, but I didn’t. Why? Because one of my genies reminded me that I’d be happier if I finished what I set out to do — which was five miles, not four. A bit later one of my genies also reminded me that driving like a bat out of hell would only get me to my meeting three minutes earlier than if I slowed down, glanced at the sunrise in my rear view mirror, and drove like a semi-sane person. So I did. And not only did I arrive on time, but I arrived happy for knowing I had my five miles in and happy because I didn’t take a turn too fast and end up in a ditch. That would have sucked. Because then I would’ve had to have used my third wish to get me out of the ditch rather than for something truly great that I know is lurking a tad beyond the horizon. Funny thing, everyone else was late to the meeting. So me and my genies had another cup of coffee and finished watching the sunrise from the fourth floor — so yea, I love my genies. But no, I won’t share … you need to find your own … they’re there. I promise. You just need to believe.

Today’s post inspired by The Daily Prompt: Counting Voices “A lively group discussion, an intimate tête-à-tête, an inner monologue — in your view, when it comes to a good conversation, what’s the ideal number of people?” Clearly, I love a good inner monologue … although a tête-à-tête is good too … if for nothing else, it’s fun to say : )

4 Comments Add yours

  1. James Pailly says:

    Listening to your inner voices–your “genies,” as you call them–is so important. Mine are usually a lot wiser and saner than I am.

    1. SHAUNA says:

      Yea. The only problem is when my genie is right and I ignore the advice :) That can wreck havoc!

      1. James Pailly says:

        Indeed. My genie has said “I told you so” quite a few times.

  2. Bigdaddy says:

    Good decisions this morning, glad you listened to your genies.

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