What do Odysseus and the Count of Monte Cristo have in common?

count-of-monte-cristo-quoteLike Homer’s Odysseus, or like the Count of Monte Cristo everyone wants something — something that scares them, that inspires them, that lives just outside their reach like the metal rabbit tempting the greyhound to run faster … or the proverbial carrot dangling off the end of a rope. And usually, that something that at least at some point in their life they’ve experienced — if even for the briefest of moments.

“Touch has a memory.” ~ John Keats

Sometimes people want money. Sometimes love. Sometimes revenge, justice, validity, forgiveness, to go home again. Or sometimes, something as simple as a solid eight-hours of sleep. And sometimes, we — as a collective — go after what we long for, and sometimes we don’t. The trick, I suppose, to fulfilling one’s own desires or aspirations is to take the first step because if you don’t, then your longing will forever be just that.Today’s post inspired by The Daily one-word prompt: Longing.



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