Nothing Compares to a First Kiss – or does it?

There is nothing that compares to a first kiss. OK. Wait a minute … now that I think about it, some first kisses can suck (no pun intended) — but even the crappy ones have the same level of anticipation. That heart-pounding, belly-twisting, nervousness that makes your body shake at the mere thought of it. That’s the feeling I’m talking about — that’s the one that’s nonpareil. And hey, I’m not one to be overly sentimental about anything, not even a first kiss … truth be known, I don’t even remember most of my “first” kisses … but I do remember the gut-wrenching feeling I had before the kiss.

Now there are other things that can cause a rush of adrenaline to shoot through your very core. For some people, it could be public speaking. Remember that first speech you gave in middle school? (Bet you don’t get to sentimental about that.) For others it might be crossing a bridge, or looking out windows of a tall building, or heck, maybe Girl Scouts (I mean those little heathens and their cookies can make anyone a little nervous).  Or maybe it’s boarding an airplane, or a cruise ship — I mean have you been watching the news lately? Did you see Titanic? I’m just sayin’.

Either way, whatever causes adrenaline to escape from its safe little hideaway inside your body, it’s different for everyone. Not everyone starts sweating when they see a full box of Thin Mints just like not everyone stresses out before flying the friendly skies. But, I would almost guarantee that everyone’s felt that fight or flight response before a first kiss. And I’ll bet most get a little sappy when they recall some of their said first kisses. Too bad we can’t bottle those feelings and uncork them whenever we need a little adrenaline push to get us to the next step (sans the sappiness, of course : )

Today’s post inspired by the daily one-word prompt: Sentimental.

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  1. Big Daddy says:

    Your back at it glad to see your still out there.

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