This just in — Trump drops bid for presidency (JK)


Real good news doesn’t come along very often. And by “good news” I’m referring to the kind that makes your heart stop (of course it doesn’t really stop, ‘cause that would be bad news and defeat the whole purpose of the good news). I’m referring of the kind of good news you don’t expect. Like OMG you won the lottery; you’ve been granted three wishes by a genie; or Ponce de Leon left you a map to the Fountain of Youth; Donald Trump dropped out of the presidential race (sorry Trump fans, but I couldn’t help myself on that one). Of course we all know that kind of good news doesn’t just happen … but what if it did? What if one day you went to the mailbox and something marvelous occurred? Whom would you tell? Would you stand in the street and scream? Would you drop to your knees and thank God? Would  you call your best friend, your significant other, your mother?

Thing is, human beings have an innate need to share — not the last Oreo or a favorite toy — but the intangible. The stuff that shapes us. Makes us happy. Makes us sad. Because we are social we want to share our feelings, beliefs, hopes, dreams, disappointments — we need our comrades. We need the at-a-boy slap on the back when life is going well and the keep-your-head-up hug when things are crappy. And so, when we get good news it’s only natural to want to tell everyone — but do you?

I for one, used to be more impulsive than I am now. Still structured, but more adventurous … maybe even less concerned about sharing too much of the real me with others. And when I got good news — or bad for that matter — I didn’t have any protocol in place for sharing the said news. But now. Now I think twice before telling people certain things … sometimes the simple glory of knowing is better than the reaction I anticipate receiving from someone else.

All the same, if I ever meet a genie and get granted those three wishes you will know because I’ll be the only human that can fly and that’s sure to make the evening news. In the meantime, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that Mr. Trump drops his bid to be president — of course not enough to use one my three wishes : ) Today’s post inspired by the One-word Daily Prompt: Drop.

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  1. Bigdaddy says:

    Good news or bad news, it’s always tough to decide to share or not share and if you do, to whom do you share it with. Oh and by the way if your were trying to catch people’s attention…you did.

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