I have THUNDER THIGHS … Jealous??

Image“Envy comes from people’s own ignorance of, or lack of belief in their own gifts.” ~ Jean Vanier

Oddly enough, jealousy isn’t an emotion I’ve often been afflicted with – I mean sure, when I was younger I used to wish I was part of The Royal Family … but then as years passed I wised up to the fact that even kings and queens, princes and princesses have troubles. I suppose, however, that I’ve always been envious of the Rockefellers, the Vanderbilts, the Carnegies – but, similar to royalty, the über rich are far from problem free and as I’ve matured, I’ve noted that the more money I have the more I spend anyway.

And there used to be a time when I literally despised women with long, svelte legs – thinkImage Jerry Hall. But, thanks to a fabulous ad campaign by NIKE I soon came to understand that it was those gigantic hamstrings that helped promote my successful running career – without these legs, I never would have been able to run fast … never. And it was these legs of mine that not only earned me the “Best Legs in School” award but also propelled me to break records on the track – both of which, I have to admit, I’m equally proud of.

But. I am not immune to jealousy … in fact, as of late I have found myself increasingly envious of the young … and I seethe when I watch talent go to waste. Sometimes I can’t help but think, “If only I had had that opportunity.” Whatever it may have been – but then again, I think I probably did have the world at my feet back then – I just wasn’t old enough to realize it yet.

And maybe that’s just it? Maybe it’s the ability to make decisions without worrying about the finality of choice that I envy … maybe.

Still, when it comes right down to it, I don’t lament too much for that which I don’t have – I don’t pine away thinking, “If only …” Because I know better. Because I know better. BECAUSE I KNOW BETTER. Funny thing, someone contacted me on Facebook that I knew in high school but haven’t talked to much since – and you know what he asked? The proverbial “Hey, how are you … whatcha been doing all these years …” and then “You still have those fabulous legs of yours?” To which I replied, “Hell yes.” Thank you very much Nike!

DISCLAIMER … OK, OK, so I don’t exactly have “thunder” tights, but I used to think I did and sometimes, the mere thought of inadequacy is enough to haunt even the most sensible of folks. Oh, and yes, this is a re-post from a while back, but hey, it fit the prompt. Today’s post inspired by the One-word Daily Prompt: Envy.


  1. “This post brought to you by: Daily Prompt: Green-Eyed Monster: ”Tell us about the last time you were really, truly jealous of someone. Did you act on it? Did it hurt your relationship?”

    Funny you mention career, physique, money, status but never relationships. Also your jealousies were about things not people for the most part. Did you act on being jealous of the Vanderbilts? How would one do that?

    Jealousy and relationships. That is a person-person scenario. The action could be towards yourself, your significant other or an outside party with no ties to you or the relationship.

    I still have to wonder where that prompt came from (I also noticed no one responded to it likely for all the reasons mentioned above – it had nothing to do with the very well written and said post).

    I have not had jealousy within a romantic relationship. I have in friendships and I acted on it internally, as in, I was bitch, and yes it affected them; though not mortally. All those wounds have been mended and as you say, we learn as we live. I have learned to communicate my emotions when they rise and cause negativity within myself.

    1. snosler says:

      You know what’s interesting – as I thought about this, I have come up with a relationship that I have been jealous of … sometimes, when I see mothers and daughters that hug one another I do get jealous. My teenagers hardly have the time to hug their mother (me) anymore … I wish they would. I miss that physical contact with them … and truthfully, I probably over compensate now with my youngest – because for a seven seven year old it’s still “cool” to hug the mother and I relish those moments :)

  2. Laura Bloomsbury says:

    what a great take on jealousy – have thunder thighs, run like lightning. I wish! Few of us fess up to Jealousy – it’s a juggernaut that can knock us down when we are being our most smug ;)

    1. snosler says:

      Good point!

      Shauna Nosler snosler@gmail.com 317-294-5741

  3. Sonel says:

    Great post and well written and thanks for the visit to my blog. You are so sweet. :)

    1. baka8 says:

      Have you ever really wondered what thunder thighs sound like?

      1. snosler says:

        No. They move too fast for sound!

        Shauna Nosler snosler@gmail.com 317-294-5741

      2. baka8 says:

        Re: the thunder thighs and them moving too fast for sound: Where did you hear that?

      3. baka8 says:

        so, thunder thighs create a sonic boom? or a boom boom? or since there are 4, a boomx4

  4. pjdonna says:

    You don’t sound jealous… but you do sound… aspirational. But sometimes when reality doesn’t support our aspirations, we feel down. It’s normal but it still sucks! But you know better :P One day I will get there, haha!

    1. baka8 says:

      “aspirational” I thought that was somebody who aspires to have thunder thighs or simply somebody who breaths heavily?

      1. pjdonna says:

        I chose the first… but I wasn’t really talking about thunder thighs :P

      2. baka8 says:

        that’s a LOAD off my mind.

      3. Then what were you talking about?

        Baka8… are you real?

      4. baka8 says:

        No. But I do kinda aspire to be right…or should that be left?

      5. Right about what? The Daily Prompts?

      6. Can you aspire to be “right”? How do you know when you have been proven? Is this something you are trying to prove that has past or a possibility you are working towards, like harnessing electricity.

        Some things should be left, I do not know why they somehow seem to makes their way back. Like bed bugs.

      7. baka8 says:

        Oh, I see this is simply a communist plot. a leftist sorta show. Or could it be a “left over” from the Muscilini days, but that would sorta be a contradiction of terms since he was sorta write? that was very thoughtful.

      8. ? This is what you made it. I just ask questions. I do not make accusations.

        Seems we have different communication styles (and you don’t like being questioned, even if the answer fulfills your desire to be “right” as you have yet to “write”.)

      9. baka8 says:

        usually, I have found, that even the simplest word can be twisted and twisted again, especially if you know a few other languages. words can be real fun, but they can also get you in trouble if you use ’em wrong and not write.

      10. ? ok. I only speak English.

        You used the following words interchangeably; “right/write/the political right” – “left as in being a lefty/left as in alone/the political left

        I played along.

        Do you like to stir pots? Incite arguments? I know some bloggers (who actually write not just point their blogs to, well, someone else’s blog and a WordPress run one at that) who enjoy this.

        Respond to simple questions suggesting the simple words are phrases of attack.

        Mine were not. Your perception of them tells me about you despite your refusal to answer anything and only make accusations unfounded.

        Are you a fighter writer?

      11. baka8 says:


        you ask “are you real?” sometimes I wonder, sometimes I don’t…sorta like almond joys.

      12. Yea, I can see how you’d compare yourself to something that is drenched in chocolate, feels all ooey and gooey but really inside is just a nut.

        I don’t know you but you seem to very self aware

      13. baka8 says:

        ….some like it with a nut, some don’t….
        (where should I send you your prize?)

      14. Prize? Dare I ask (wonder), is your nut your prize??

        USPS it to our boys in blue. So many repressed souls out there in need of that tasty almond joy ;)

      15. baka8 says:

        Best sentiment I have heard lately, especially just after Memorial Day . I am a Navy man. The pic that you see is me as a Russian in in a Japanese film, just outside Tokyo.

      16. Thanks.. I’ve been told by men who did not appreciate this affinity (perhaps because they had much to hide) that I am perceptive

        In this case… Not so much, just metaphorical.

        Where is the author of this blog with whom you so intimately exchanged inside jokes with; who asks questions she too has left unanswered.

        Ask so many questions. Give so little [answers].

      17. baka8 says:

        Au cryptic one

      18. Have you seen the film Romeo + Juliet? The modern day Baz Luhrman version circa 1996?

      19. baka8 says:

        the film? no, but I have read the play several times and seen it in ballet, I think I know where you are going with this one…

      20. Jade, I know the color well. I prefer ruby. The hue of passion, love and hunger.

        Yah? Where? I didn’t intend to go anywhere with it, the Romeo + Juliet inquiry.

        It came out when I was in 7th or perhaps 6th grade? We read the book in class and then viewed the modern day take.

        I am watching it at this moment. That is the inspiration behind the question, no more.

        The inspiration behind the viewing, well, that is a more substantial tale, but believe it has but not to do with you or where I expect to take you

      21. baka8 says:

        So Juliet,
        Sounds like you have some pretty good verse going on there. You just pulling it out of thin air?

      22. No I have my ghost writer ;)

      23. baka8 says:

        A Capulet, or Montague? (says Shakespeare).

      24. The eligible bachelor.

        Finds love wo the negative energy.

        Sans All the hate

      25. baka8 says:

        A pure love is not there sans a pure hate (i vice versa)

      26. Do you have an affinity for women with thunder thighs?

        Have you scoped my blog per chance. Maybe just pursuing, maybe with a dictionary detector.

        Where you aware this was a term of endearment my father once called me until I reduced my caloric intake and maximizes my energetic output and he could so forth show me off with pride. Except he could not tame my breasts.

        His one left disappointment. He always love a flat chested nipply gal.

        Sorry daddy I could not deliver. Even at my thinnest, after I had mono and every part of me shriveled up my buxom bust did not deflate. For that daddy I apologize.

      27. baka8 says:

        Sorry, I don’t really know much in the way of thunder thighs or Sigmund’s studies, by the way. Congratulations on the new apt. I’m sure you and Ruby will make a go of it.

      28. I got your messages and responded in turn.

        I have heard this statement before. From a bad man. A nut covered in chocolate

        Not a gem that he once claimed was his own

      29. baka8 says:

        Understand totally. However, I am low on gems these days. Come to think of it, I have always been low on gems but there were a some diamonds and pearls a while back.

      30. And what did you do with them? or did you not realized they were there buried in oysters and covered in darkness? Were you blinded by [fill in the blank] to see them?

      31. baka8 says:

        I see that you got the pearls and diamonds allusion…see, you are indeed a capable human. Just believe in yourself a little more. (just a little)

      32. Who says I do not? Is this an assessment of personal experience or a deduction of my inquiries (most you have not answered)?

      33. baka8 says:

        The best way to shield yourself from the truths are to learn how to dodge the words. Apparently, I have been able to dodge them well. Drats and double drats. Foiled again.

      34. Because your words come from another’s mouth

      35. baka8 says:

        yes. those words come from yours, like thorns, juliet

        (your test not mine)

      36. Why are you here? Go be the good man you want to be and go to the desert. Not for a weekend fuck fest but for good

      37. And… Sorry, didn’t realize this was the AP English exam and my comments were being graded, scored and marked my intelligence

      38. baka8 says:

        No grade.

      39. Ditto. I hardly remember the subject

      40. baka8 says:

        i hardly remembering remembering the subject.

      41. Well duh. You’re baked!

      42. baka8 says:

        baked as in what? sorry, no comprndo

      43. baka8 says:

        Yo, entiendo un poqito. Yo vido en Mexico y estudiando espanol

      44. baka8 says:

        as the clock strikes Rumplestilstitkin & Cindy (Cindarella) come prancing out of the Bavarian forest to say “Hi Wanderling.”

      45. Dude. Get or live a life. Nothing better to do than this?

        Should I be pitying you?

        Hmm. I don’t think I feel pity … Like I’d never felt jealousy, spite or resentment .. Pity was not in the emotional repertoire


        What is the psychological basis for pity – OH YEA – thinking YOU are BETTER than someone else…. Right. Yea dont feel that.

        Don’t pity you.

      46. baka8 says:

        let’s just say emotional and call it a decade?

      47. You can call “it” whatever you want. “We” as in the apostrophe “s” including me in the statement, no thanks. I’m not “calling it” anything, especially whatever “it” is.

        You have your women fighting your battles. Do you want a partner or a mother?

      48. baka8 says:

        And I would like to thank…”I’d like to thank, the Academy.” And… “my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.” Oh, my heartfelt thanks go out to Tim Tebow, for whom we would not have nothin” and, of course, Bogging. I want to thank The intuition of blogging (the music cues). Mom! I thank Mom! And the Audacious Amerature. This is the People’s Choice (as in my choosing) Awards, eh?

      49. baka8 says:

        Audacious, I hope you don’t mind but I used your coward of the county reference, citing it, of course. I’m not a total Moronic Thief (just a half-baked Moronic Thief). And no. I do not have “the weaker sex” doin’ the dirty work.

      50. Ya lost me.

        And my interest. There’s a chatty owl out there I’m sure who would be thrilled to chat with you all night long.

        Ta, Jay

        Date: Sat, 1 Jun 2013 04:56:20 +0000 To: amateurblogger@live.com

      51. baka8 says:

        Seriously: I didn’t want you to think there was a clown out there using your words. Just a little credit where credit is due.

      52. Where? On the daily posts site?

      53. baka8 says:

        no. but don’t hold me to that. i usually write up a few articles daily on various subjects.

      54. baka8 says:

        I just looked back…yes, daily post sites.

      55. Does this comment – or any since I have suggested u seek an owl or sparkling bird or perhaps even a little mouse to strike this “non-conversation” – validate a response?

        So you are WordPress? You host the Daily Post site? You are aware that is a page of OTHER bloggers’ posts?

        Or are you, your words not mine, a re-tard?

      56. baka8 says:

        Usually, I just write till my head pops off about stuff. But I also have a bunch of other bologna in the works. You seem to exude a je ne sais quas

      57. where? where is your original content? why the redirect? what/who are you hiding from.

        I have no quas. I have you don’t.

      58. baka8 says:

        I am hiding from that mini woman in my inner ear, she is about8 cm., and whispers sweet nothings to me re: about…well…nonsense and Catherine the Great, Russian romanticism, and stuff.

      59. why hide? sounds fab. scared.. yea .. you seem the type

      60. baka8 says:

        there is a fine line between what is reality and fact and all, perhaps.

      61. baka8 says:

        I am a man without a van and my name is not dan.

      62. OMG YOU SOUND(ed) PERFECT – till I learned your name was not Dan :(

      63. oh yes weep into your pillow of steel. so akin to your heart of steel. and I seriously cannot wait until the release of Man of Steel!

      64. baka8 says:

        you are a poet and you well know it?

      65. No. No poet. Know nothing

      66. baka8 says:

        it is my experience that if somebody says that they know nothing they usually know more than nothing. i am not totally fooled.

      67. No one knows nothing. Good job on thwarting the tomfoolery

      68. baka8 says:

        why, thank you for applauding my tomfooooollllery. there is more where that comes from (but I have a feeling that you already knew that). And no, I don’t mean to be making assumptions (just a preemptive…)

      69. ?? You’re totally in a land of your own. It’s been a long – ripe sweaty ass – day. I have no agenda or …. Emptiveness

        I like the word. It’s so… 16th century British

      70. baka8 says:

        not so. it’s Massachusetts…wait, that is middle ages, sometimes.

      71. I do know something actually.

        I have no regard for poetry. It always (fine mostly) sounds so… Sappy and whinny but in a way that makes people praise you instead of telling you to “buck up! Get over it!l

        Literary cop-out.

        I know this, this I think

      72. baka8 says:

        i know what you mean, but i ma trying to be somewhat acquainted with different genres. I figure that I will give poetry a bit of a shot, even if it is just reading it. not into reading that mid. ages stuff. with thous and arts, etc…

      73. But you like the

        His kisses were like the soft flutter of hummingbirds …. Etc… Crap?

      74. baka8 says:

        exactly, or the
        …uhh…..ploppps of a person eating an ice cream cone

      75. baka8 says:

        Know…no van…no van and no emotional baggage. What does the author say, 99.999% of it all is pure b.s., as is the thou and arts and the humming birds.

      76. baka8 says:

        Quiet now, “please.” Quiet please.

      77. no sarcasm just playfulness? took it pretty far there and what is sarcasm but not playful ;)

      78. http://audacious.me/articles/who-is-this-gatsby

        taking this really really seriously.

        you must love me. it is only out of hate that true love springs… someone once said something like that…. whooooo whooooo was it?

      79. baka8 says:

        An owl in Colorado. An owl in Colorado Springs says, “whooo, whooo”

      80. I had amazing sex in Colorado … steamboat springs though.

        I think your lady friend is becoming irate. Best soothe her before she seeks comfort in another closer by

        Date: Sat, 1 Jun 2013 22:01:05 +0000 To: amateurblogger@live.com

      81. baka8 says:

        “whoo, whoo,” not as inciteful as I thught

      82. baka8 says:

        amazing and steamy, I suppose…a chronicles or 60 mins. event

      83. snosler says:

        Seriously, I don’t know where you come up with your material … you have once again proven yourself a master of cynical mockery … honestly, I think you should be a radio show host … the airwaves would never be the same again :)

      84. baka8 says:

        Why…I’m speechless. Probably because that is the 1sth time I’ve been labeled a cycinic (and it is the 1st time I have spelled cynic right!)

      85. baka8 says:

        Must’ve been a jay bird it sure an owl.

      86. um, thought we were cut off. upon shauna’s request

      87. baka8 says:

        wouldn’t stand in the weigh

      88. are you two like gunna keep on this when you have kids, pass on this.. weird behavior? This chic is wife material?? A chic who makes you even more manipulative.

        Ya know what I tell people bout ya.

        I could never trust him. Not in the cheating sense. He wouldn’t cheat. But if we were ever lost in the forest he’d totally kill me and eat me for survival – as opposed to those men who go seek help.

        I wonder which if you would slaughter first?

      89. of … ? you? anyone who remotely gives a shit about you?

        them, I quite nearly pity. me I quite nearly pity for closing in on that.

        are you jealous? angry? bored.

        what is the motive here? playfulness? that would be my best guess. only making me nearly pity those that are near you. playing with people, it is sick. it is a sickness. it is

        i thought about settling for a man once.

        accepting someone below me bc.. i was at that age, that stage, we had spent a short time close quarters. in many ways i could see a life w him, but he would never be good enough. he lacked 2 of the 3 core things on my “list”. that’s.. pretty bad.

        but i thought about it. settling. glad i didn’t. turns out there is a WHOLE world out there! of good hearted caring people!

      90. snosler says:

        Continue … I don’t want to stand in your way – just had to figure out how to stop my inbox from pinging in the middle of the night … BTW, you’re a smart woman – I’d be curious to know what you think about what I posted today – have you seen the trailers for Girl Rising ?

      91. I took your message as a “you are not welcome here”. haven’t read the post.

        how do you know im smart? I actually am fairly mediocre when it comes to intelligence. though I am practically over flowing with self awareness and have a keen sense of perception. neither quality sadly plays a role in intelligence

      92. http://baka8.wordpress.com/2013/04/25/wright-or-wrong/

        you DO LOVE ME :)

        after all you love byrds “The Byrds, said it best”

        thx 4 the compliment but I cannot accept. I never did like the term “best”. to me there is no such thing. such a commie idea (but not surprised from coming the mouth of a rusky). the best is stifling. leaves little room for growth. of better.

      93. shauna, so sorry.

        I do not pity you. as I do not feel pity. I mourn you. lost. hazy. searching. finding.

        regret. live. divorce. pain. solitude.

        i know loss. of hope. of dreams. not of self. not of what i value. those things i do not give up for dreams. afterall that is a dream. something that is not real. i could not give up what is actual for what is only in my mind

      94. snosler says:

        OK. So sorry joys and girls but I’m going to have to shut this convo down … mostly because my blog settings send an alert anytime someone comments and as I travel nonstop lately and have little time to write for $$ and for this blog, I need to limit the alerts entering my inbox (yes I did just say that!). Anyhow, wish u both the best of luck in your future adventures … I might suggest the two of you pull your enticing verbiage together and start a conversational blog … you could call it “Mr.C’s audacity” – get it??!! OK then – xoxoxox

        Shauna Nosler snosler@gmail.com 317-294-5741

      95. oh no van, not dan, I need a new plan

      96. baka8 says:

        Me? Scared? No, never. I am a 9 ft. tall knight in shining armor with a little woman whispering stuff in my ear. (even though I don’t know what she is saying) My Russian has gotten a little rusty, as has the armor.

      97. you never answer questions. I know nothing of Russia. never been,

      98. baka8 says:

        i know a bit. for everybody. all the knowledge is in my van. i lived in moscow for a couple of years.

      99. great. why we talkin bout Russia and the van you don’t have?

        why u taking to me?

        what u want son?

      100. baka8 says:

        a volks wagon bug? convertible.

      101. baka8 says:

        you are a wanderer, eh? at least that is what your sight says. but you don’t have a van!

      102. never answer questions, liar.

        I was a wanderer. Havent wandered in a while. A whiles while.

        I don’t have a license. so no, I don’t got a van and when I did wander… id never drive (lest 1-4 occasions). keep it green people. public transportations…

        I need a van for 1 hr to move a bed and some shit .25 miles. Green as the grass that has you baked

      103. baka8 says:

        I don’t drive. lived in a a few places and places of countries, but I haven’t had a van in a long, long while.

      104. Are you in love with me ;)

        I think you are. As much as one completely devoted to themselves can love others.

        You love me. You love the attention. You love this. I give you what you need. I ask for little.

        I think you love me :0

      105. baka8 says:

        (Also, I am nothing but a good man! I think?)

      106. Good to know you think so. Didn’t answer ” do you love yourself?” can you knowing ….

      107. baka8 says:

        my what? love? I gotta think on those things and will tell you manyana. night.

      108. baka8 says:

        By the way, you seem to be a rather prolific writer.

      109. baka8 says:

        Wow, I was just doing my mail check and presto! there you were! Audacious in stereo.
        This is me surprised:

      110. I think it may be time for you to lay your baked head to rest. Dream of your used up skank out in the desert.

        You need rest for your new job.

        Lay your head upon your pillow and think of the harden soulless beings you have become together. Gravel rough and black.

        Not the gem that lights my life; so easily jewels are discarded because they are hidden within satchels of granite. Or perhaps cuts of coal not yet turned into glittery glowing diamonds.

        Lay back and think of your dried out old lady who turned you from a person with the potential for good into an all out fire ball of pathological evil.

        Do YOU love yourself?

      111. baka8 says:

        yes. as I thought, you are a wordsmith and one who knows what a wordy challenge can be. Do you, however, know, understand the implications, the ramifications and sincerities?

      112. “understand the implications, the ramifications and sincerities?”

        … of sincerities? is there a word missing there? do I understand implications? I did not imply anything. I think I was fairly straight.

        Ramifications? Enlightenment me.

        Sincerities? once I did. It seems so long ago now…

      113. baka8 says:

        sometimes it is best that way.

      114. What to forget what it means to believe men (and women) are capable of sincerity?

        Oh what a jaded soul you are.

      115. baka8 says:

        jade! that was the other gem that I was thing of. Got a jade elephant in China and lost it in Indonesia after a few months.:(

    2. snosler says:

      Aspirational … well I’m off to run seven miles and I thank you for reminding me to Aspire to be better :)

      Shauna Nosler snosler@gmail.com 317-294-5741

      1. pjdonna says:

        Cheering you on! Happy run.

      2. snosler says:

        Thanks :)

        Shauna Nosler snosler@gmail.com 317-294-5741

  5. Heather says:

    I think this is a very entertaining blog! I love it. “Thunder Thighs” aaaaawwwaaaay! I am pretty jiggly myself. I don’t kid. I have more muscle than most girls. I am more average than skinny.

    1. snosler says:

      The muscle in my legs used to really bother me – alas I. An run faster than all my friends so its the price I pay for speed :)

      Shauna Nosler snosler@gmail.com 317-294-5741

  6. I wrote on this on my previous blog!!! I am in a crazy race to get what I call “80’s cocaine thighs”…sans cocaine hahahaaaa. So far loads of work and I still have these weird looking columns. AHHH I should repost it on hans’ vagina…. maybe.

    Love it!

    1. snosler says:

      I know – those are the thighs of my dreams too. Feel free to repost should you want :)

      Shauna Nosler snosler@gmail.com 317-294-5741

  7. geekergosum says:

    Thanks for the kind words on my post, this was a pretty cool topic and I’m so envious of what everyone else has written,

  8. laislinns says:

    What a wonderful post and a wonderful point of view.

    1. baka8 says:

      i am pretty sure that your comment about thundering thighs was not meant for me because I am a tallish (not to be confused with jewish) oreo-eating man of 52 who has a life-time warranty on all lay-zee-boy and patio furniture or anything that has a remote, so, you couldn’t be yapping about me. That reminds me…I gotta out and get some new summer lawn chairs.

  9. Easter Ellen says:

    Thanks for stopping by my site and I must say I really enjoyed your take on the green-eyed-monster. Funny, fun and clever!

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