I have THUNDER THIGHS … Jealous??

Image“Envy comes from people’s own ignorance of, or lack of belief in their own gifts.” ~ Jean Vanier

Oddly enough, jealousy isn’t an emotion I’ve often been afflicted with – I mean sure, when I was younger I used to wish I was part of The Royal Family … but then as years passed I wised up to the fact that even kings and queens, princes and princesses have troubles. I suppose, however, that I’ve always been envious of the Rockefellers, the Vanderbilts, the Carnegies – but, similar to royalty, the über rich are far from problem free and as I’ve matured, I’ve noted that the more money I have the more I spend anyway.

And there used to be a time when I literally despised women with long, svelte legs – thinkImage Jerry Hall. But, thanks to a fabulous ad campaign by NIKE I soon came to understand that it was those gigantic hamstrings that helped promote my successful running career – without these legs, I never would have been able to run fast … never. And it was these legs of mine that not only earned me the “Best Legs in School” award but also propelled me to break records on the track – both of which, I have to admit, I’m equally proud of.

But. I am not immune to jealousy … in fact, as of late I have found myself increasingly envious of the young … and I seethe when I watch talent go to waste. Sometimes I can’t help but think, “If only I had had that opportunity.” Whatever it may have been – but then again, I think I probably did have the world at my feet back then – I just wasn’t old enough to realize it yet.

And maybe that’s just it? Maybe it’s the ability to make decisions without worrying about the finality of choice that I envy … maybe.

Still, when it comes right down to it, I don’t lament too much for that which I don’t have – I don’t pine away thinking, “If only …” Because I know better. Because I know better. BECAUSE I KNOW BETTER. Funny thing, someone contacted me on Facebook that I knew in high school but haven’t talked to much since – and you know what he asked? The proverbial “Hey, how are you … whatcha been doing all these years …” and then “You still have those fabulous legs of yours?” To which I replied, “Hell yes.” Thank you very much Nike!

DISCLAIMER … OK, OK, so I don’t exactly have “thunder” tights, but I used to think I did and sometimes, the mere thought of inadequacy is enough to haunt even the most sensible of folks. Oh, and yes, this is a re-post from a while back, but hey, it fit the prompt. Today’s post inspired by the One-word Daily Prompt: Envy.



  1. “This post brought to you by: Daily Prompt: Green-Eyed Monster: ”Tell us about the last time you were really, truly jealous of someone. Did you act on it? Did it hurt your relationship?”

    Funny you mention career, physique, money, status but never relationships. Also your jealousies were about things not people for the most part. Did you act on being jealous of the Vanderbilts? How would one do that?

    Jealousy and relationships. That is a person-person scenario. The action could be towards yourself, your significant other or an outside party with no ties to you or the relationship.

    I still have to wonder where that prompt came from (I also noticed no one responded to it likely for all the reasons mentioned above – it had nothing to do with the very well written and said post).

    I have not had jealousy within a romantic relationship. I have in friendships and I acted on it internally, as in, I was bitch, and yes it affected them; though not mortally. All those wounds have been mended and as you say, we learn as we live. I have learned to communicate my emotions when they rise and cause negativity within myself.

    • You know what’s interesting – as I thought about this, I have come up with a relationship that I have been jealous of … sometimes, when I see mothers and daughters that hug one another I do get jealous. My teenagers hardly have the time to hug their mother (me) anymore … I wish they would. I miss that physical contact with them … and truthfully, I probably over compensate now with my youngest – because for a seven seven year old it’s still “cool” to hug the mother and I relish those moments :)

  2. what a great take on jealousy – have thunder thighs, run like lightning. I wish! Few of us fess up to Jealousy – it’s a juggernaut that can knock us down when we are being our most smug ;)

  3. You don’t sound jealous… but you do sound… aspirational. But sometimes when reality doesn’t support our aspirations, we feel down. It’s normal but it still sucks! But you know better :P One day I will get there, haha!

  4. I think this is a very entertaining blog! I love it. “Thunder Thighs” aaaaawwwaaaay! I am pretty jiggly myself. I don’t kid. I have more muscle than most girls. I am more average than skinny.

  5. I wrote on this on my previous blog!!! I am in a crazy race to get what I call “80’s cocaine thighs”…sans cocaine hahahaaaa. So far loads of work and I still have these weird looking columns. AHHH I should repost it on hans’ vagina…. maybe.

    Love it!

    • i am pretty sure that your comment about thundering thighs was not meant for me because I am a tallish (not to be confused with jewish) oreo-eating man of 52 who has a life-time warranty on all lay-zee-boy and patio furniture or anything that has a remote, so, you couldn’t be yapping about me. That reminds me…I gotta out and get some new summer lawn chairs.

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