And now, abortion …

ImageI used to be opinionated. Dogmatic, if you will. When I was younger I voiced my opinions and never thought much about why I felt the way I did – or  why I thought I felt as I said I did. But now. Now that I am older, I look back and realize I claimed to believe or think along certain paths because I was taught to do so. Not necessarily by my parents, but by society as a whole … by the “village” that raised me … family, friends, friend’s parents, television, books, magazines, priests, teachers …

For the longest time I was steadfastly against abortion. But I was young. And again, my opinions were reflections of my own thoughts mixed together with my observations. My teachings. My lessons learned. I don’t think I understood the issue, but I did understand the ideal that the perfect family represented. One where all children are welcome and wanted by their parents. One where everything worked out … families that wanted two kids, had two kids. Families that wanted six had six. Women that didn’t want children didn’t get pregnant. It was that simple. If only. Of course as I got older, I came to know friends that got pregnant when they didn’t want to be and worse, I learned about the unwanted children in the world. The ones already born and left to fend for themselves – and for me, that’s a far greater atrocity than terminating a pregnancy.

And, so now I understand why abortion needs to be legal and safe – it just has to be. It just does. It isn’t a perfect solution, but for all the young maimed women out there, for all the children brought into this world where no one wants them, for all the alternatives, it is necessary. After all, this is a brave new world … now if only all the Alphas, Betas, Gammas and Deltas could get along.

“Abortion is undeniably the taking of potential life.  It is not pretty.  It is not easy. And in a perfect world, it would not be necessary.”~ Dr. Barnett Slepian (October 21, 1946 – October 23, 1998)   Shot and killed while making soup in his kitchen.

Today’s post inspired by the Daily One-word Prompt – Voice. And so yes, I just did something entirely out of my usual comfort zone and voiced my opinion on a highly-sensitive, controversial topic. And I’m good with that … because I have a voice and I intend to use it ;)

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  1. Bigdaddy says:

    You do have a voice, one that needs to be heard more often, it is educated and quite rational. Nice post!

  2. baka8 says:

    Dealing with barbs and wires and even just the condemnation attached to the 1st Amendment, which it boils down to, is what is right and wrong. Maybe we cannot go out and punish people who we feel have wronged us, but the power of the pen is worth its weight in gold. True?

    1. baka8 says:

      (oh, that is where the abortion question lies)

  3. The school of life. I also think so very differently now to the way I used to think all those years ago.

    1. snosler says:

      Indeed the school of life!

      Shauna Nosler The Flavored Word

  4. Mati Serrano says:

    How I wish the religious leaders in my country could have even just half of your enlightenment about the matter, that would be great for the whole nation.

    1. snosler says:

      I never thought about what other cultures might think of my comment/post. I really appreciate your comment!

      Shauna Nosler The Flavored Word

  5. Macey says:

    Well great, I’m the only conservative here! LOL Seriously, I disagree with the first line of the first comment completely…”religion shouldn’t ‘could’ ones mind.” Now, I hate religion. But I’m a Christian…and Christians, a lot of us, believe in the sanctity of every life, no matter what. And a lot of us believe it starts at conception. So, even though I’m not a kid anymore and I’m a grown up, I disagree with abortion.
    That being said, the tide has turned. How we grew up and how society is now are completely different, and now MY opinion is very “unpopular.”

    1. Macey says:

      That would be ‘cloud’ not could. :)

      1. snosler says:

        Ah. Yes. I read right over that.

        Shauna Nosler The Flavored Word

      2. baka8 says:

        so you read right over that “cloud” and the “cloud” and the could ? you must have been really high or in a dirigible

    2. snosler says:

      Maybe. But I personally am very happy that I live somewhere that allows for differences of opinions – popular or not. And having the freedom to do so. Don’t ever justify yourself – you have every right to believe in the sanctity of life :)

      Shauna Nosler The Flavored Word

  6. kiyudesu says:

    I can totally agree with this. Religion shouldn’t cloud ones mind. Unfortunately, things are not always black and white and this terrible solution is, I guess, just something people will have to learn to deal with..

    1. baka8 says:

      Cloud 9. If I were only a pope! Or at least one of those diddlers…what was his name, gee, I already forgot. Oh, Benny. I think it was Jack Benny. Pope Benedict (stress the dict). Well, if I were a Pope I might have all the answers (tongue in cheek because I know how people here like to only on a single plane).

      1. kiyudesu says:

        I am very sorry, but I dont understand your comment. English isnt my first language, so would you shortly explain what you ment for me please? It may also be because its 1:30 am and I’m tired though, hehe.

      2. baka8 says:

        Pope Benedict was a Pope but he “resigned,” oh I should first say, “Hello, I don’t have any of the answers and don’t pretend to!” But, Pope Benedict resigned under very cloudy circumstances. In Germany, he “approved” or ignored the bad behavior of the Catholic church–this is all circumspect mind you. But he was not a great guy. Cloud 9 is a very cheery place to be, roses etc…Cloud 9 is, well, I guess I could go on and on but it wouldn’t be fair to expect anybody to fathom it in a simple mail. Sorry.

      3. snosler says:

        Cloud 9 should be the name of a bar.

        Shauna Nosler The Flavored Word

      4. kiyudesu says:

        Thanks for the explanation though

      5. snosler says:

        Hmmmm. Do you mean you don’t understand what I’ve written here or what I said on your blog? O course 1:30 am clouds everyone’s thoughts :)

        Shauna Nosler The Flavored Word

      6. kiyudesu says:

        I didnt understand baka8’s comment

      7. snosler says:

        It’s OK. He speaks in riddles :)

        Shauna Nosler The Flavored Word

      8. baka8 says:

        Though some may choose to ignore the “Cloud 9” comment, I believe that in and of itself is a conundrum and very much worth taking pause and looking at (as is the Shanghai film directed by Orsen Welles, the house of mirrors and exigences). But, Word Press asks that we take a look at introspection and Psychology 101 and the self, the ego and super ego before going on to tackle religion and abortion. It is the least one can do before damning the concept of life or existence of a person. It is really kinda simple and as Churhill once said, a conumdrum,wrapped in a puzzle wrapped in a question–or something like that.

      9. snosler says:

        You provide the most insightful reading material :)

        Shauna Nosler The Flavored Word

      10. kiyudesu says:

        Haha x) there must be a name for that, too.

      11. snosler says:

        So far I’ve been safe. No single Planers … cloud 9 indeed.

        Shauna Nosler The Flavored Word

    2. snosler says:

      Well said. Nothing so complicated can be black and white.

      Shauna Nosler The Flavored Word

  7. King Jeremy says:

    Its brave of you to tackle such a sensitive topic. I support legal and safe abortion, but our country does not have laws to govern it. I have been exposed in the medical field for quite some time, and have seen how indigents live firsthand. They barely eat one meal a day, live in houses the size of a large crate, and are infested with sickness. Yet they can’t stop having babies. Having a child that you know you can’t raise is more sinful than abortion if you ask me.

    Thanks for liking my post, by the way. Enjoyed this read.

    1. snosler says:

      I agree. Although I wish there was some way to stop all the unwanted pregnancies from happening – especially in the situations you’ve witnessed. Crazy sad.

      Shauna Nosler The Flavored Word

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