Forgive me, but I don’t give a rat’s #%@#$ about your hamster!

hamsterRecently, I cleaned up my blog subscription list — only thing is, I keep getting notifications from several blogs that I would really like to stop getting notifications from. Nothing personal, but if you are blogging about coupons, your kid’s first loose tooth, a new way to make lasagna, the seventy fifth diet you’re starting, your hamster OR have some God awful music in the background OR your background is black making the 9pt hot pink Times New Roman font you’ve chosen impossible for my eyes to focus on, then I’ve tried to delete you from my subscription feed … really — it isn’t personal. I don’t even know you and chances are there are a gazillion people out there who share your interests and like reading your blog, but as time is limited I need to try and limit my readings to subjects that truly interest me.


Problem is, nothing is going away — I refresh, I try to unsubscribe, I try to move the unnamed blogs to the little trashcan, but nothing — they keep showing back up … sort of like the unnamed morons in my life … the onetime high school buddy on FB that thinks I still care about anything that happened when I was 16; the super annoying coworker who feels the need to scrape her daily yogurt container clean; the runner I share the streets with in the morning that insists on striking up a conversation when we pass one another at mile four; the pain-in-the-ass neighbor who thinks I give a rats ass about her hamster … the list goes on … what can I say … I’m beyond annoyed today and the sun’s barely up … talk about needing a refresher — like the kind pirates drink, you know, the ones that come with rum.

And again, if you’re one of those aforementioned bloggers, really, it’s not personal … but I already know how to make lasagna and though the thought of saving money is always alluring, I’m just not coupon-crazy. I am, however, simply “thrilled” that your hamster has finally learned to use the wire wheel in their cage, but alas, I can only handle the occasional post on small furry creatures. Today’s post inspired by the Daily One-word Prompt — “Refresh.”

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  1. Laurie says:

    Black backgrounds are tough on the eyes. – I agree on subscriptions, I add slowly.

  2. jdoublep says:

    hamster hatin’…
    embrace the hamster…
    become the hamster…

  3. BigDaddy says:

    Well I have the same issue with email, not that I cant unsubscribe rather the fact once I read an email I never delete it. I don’t care to keep them I just seem to go onto the next one and read it. Someday there will be a real serious refresh at this computer. Happy Thursday.

  4. Slamdunk says:

    I wish I did Shauna. I played with the unsubscribe suggestions (after Googling them) and did not find anything that worked. I was thinking about creating a new blogger account and just following the accounts that I am interested in, but am currently still weeding through them all.

  5. Let's hope because it is driving me crazy!

  6. MiMi says:

    I wonder if it takes a day or two for the unsubscribe thing to work??

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