Does God care how I address Him?

prayerI tried to pray today. But it seems I’ve forgotten how.

When I was a little girl, right after my mother turned my bed back and I brushed my teeth and changed into my princess nightgown, I used to crouch on my knees, hands clasped together, head bent, eyes closed and repeat the words to “Jesus Tender Sheppard Hear Me …” But as I got older, my bedtime ritual changed.

I went to a Catholic school from the time I was very young on through the tenth grade. My mother was Lutheran, and so by default I too.  I remember being one of the only students that had to stay in the pew while the rest of the student body received communion — because, as it was explained, my religion only believed the Eucharist represented the body of Christ where in the Catholic Church the unleavened circles of bread actually became the body of Christ.  And so I sat.  And I quickly learned to feel like I was the odd one out.

When I was in high school — again a Catholic school — I decided to go ahead and take communion. I was fourteen years old and being a part something was the most important thing regardless of whether or not He became that piece of dry bread in my mouth or not.

When I was twenty-four and engaged to be married, there was nothing I wanted more than to be married in a Catholic Church. I wanted the long ceremony … the candle lighting … the dedication … the ritual … and so I went through the confirmation process and “officially” earned my place in the registry of the Catholic Church which bestowed upon me the right to marry with the Pope’s blessing.

I will never forget my confession, because at the time I really couldn’t think of anything to confess … (oh, my have times changed) … all the same, thanks to years of Catholic schooling, I was able to repeat on cue the necessary verbiage to partake in reconciliation. And of course, I was able to recite however many Holy Mary’s and Our Father’s that were prescribed.

BUT.  But now, I really need to pray and I don’t think He needs to hear anymore predetermined accolades. I think He needs to hear me … yet I don’t know where to begin. I tried to pray when I was blow drying my hair this morning … when I was walking the dog, folding the laundry … but I couldn’t remember how to begin — how to address Him. How to signal, “Hey up there … I know it’s been a while … but I need to talk … are you listening or do I need to be kneeling at my bedside?”

Today’s post is a repost from five years ago — it fit the bill for the Daily One-word Prompt: Bedtime so I went ahead and reposted. Funny thing, for the life of me I cannot remember what had me so conflicted. I guess that’s a good thing. He must have been listening to me after all.



    • Thanks. When I first posted that I was afraid people would respond negatively but it’s been just the opposite … It’s nice to know that everyone questions out existence some how or another :)

      Shauna Nosler 317-294-5741

  1. I just open my mouth (or in some cases, just my brain) and start talking to Him. When I’m in the car on my way to work is the most common though…but when I’m in a crowd or someplace where verbal communication is frowned upon (think library) – my words are inside my head.

    • Thank you – I reread that post. I remember that day … sometimes I can get to caught up in trying to make it too formal – suppose that’s the Catholic in me? Anyway, I really appreciate your thoughts – maybe I just need to learn to slow down and talk in my head too :)

  2. Just talk to God, he'll know it's you and that it's from your heart. I need to pray more often than I do, but I do what MiMi said, alot of spur of the minute prayers.

  3. This is EXACTLY what I've been thinking about for a while. I was happy to read this knowing I'm not alone. I too try to pray while doing this or that, but don't know exactly what to say or where to start. Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone.

  4. Wow! LOL, we couldn't have crossed each other's paths at a better time, huh? I think that you're overthinking it. And you're trying to be too formal. Like, I said, it's just a conversation with your Father. He already knows what's in your heart & soul. He Knows It All. He just wants you to come to him. And he wants to hear it all from you. Don't overthink it!

  5. I'm with Briana, I really pray a lot in the shower. And you know what? Sometimes I have to send a prayer up and it's so desparate or on the spur of the moment that I don't address Him. I always assume He knows I'm talking to Him. :)

  6. My best prayer time is in the shower, honestly. I know He knows it's the one time I truly have to myself, and I can focus on what I want to or need to say – and the words come pouring out. Sometimes tears – and they get washed away – and I can laugh and smile – and know He probably thinks I'm silly for praying in the shower, but He knows it's genuine. :) There's no perfect way – He didn't make us perfect and He loves that about us.

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