I still want my tiara!

barbie_tiaraI loved high school. I mean hey, I had the world at my feet and a fully deployed umbrella over my head. What wasn’t to love? I had a lot friends, a nice house and a closet chalk full of fabulous stuff. BUT. For as much as it pains me to admit this … there is one particular thing that, whenever I think about it, still carves into my side like a frickin’ knife. A dull painful knife at that. (And no, this isn’t going to be a post about losing my virginity or attending my first kegger – what? Now you don’t want to read? Now that there’s no promise of teenage promiscuity I’ve lost your interest? Oh come on – this is better – really – because it still pisses me off and because after you read it you’ll want to throw something at my stupid little teenage self.)

So, like I said, I had a lot of friends. Which is exactly why, when on that fateful evening in May with the ENTIRE senior class gathered around the stage at one of the local country clubs for the big announcement, I expected to hear my name. Expected it – I did. I mean who the hell else could it have been? Drum roll … WHAT THE #$%@&?!!! Was it a joke? Was it a dream? A God awful nightmare perhaps? No. Sadly, it was real … our stupid class president didn’t say my name. I wasn’t the one written down on that piece of paper … no … instead it was some other girl (yes, yes, I know I sound caddy but I’m having a true Valley Girl flashback moment here so do me the favor and humor me for a minute).

I remember smiling – or at least I’m pretty sure I did – and clapping and wanting to run and hide in the bathroom and vomit. I hadn’t been named prom queen. It was someone else. Someone who, for the record, wasn’t even (dare I say it?) pretty. OK. Fine. She was pretty – but I was prettier (don’t judge me – I’m still in my Valley Girl flashback).

Anyway, I was duped. And yes, I still want my tiara – the prom king? Not so much … he was a dork anyway … WAHHH … at least I still had  my closet … that aforementioned one chalk full of perfectly fabulous stuff. Too bad it didn’t lead me off to a land of lions and witches and the sorts where I too could have been a queen that appeared from a wardrobe.

Today’s post inspired by the Daily One-word Prompt: Closet.

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