What kind of National Day would the presidential candidates declare?

17688430-prohibition-traffic-sign-meaning-no-underwear-Stock-PhotoSo yesterday was Mother’s Day — right? Duh. But I bet cha didn’t know that today’s National Lost Sock Day? Yep. For reals. Not even I can make this kind of crap up — but I’d like to know who did, or who does. I mean it’s one thing to have President’s Day, MLK Day, Veteran’s Day, and the like but a day to commemorate — or celebrate, take you pick — all the lost socks in the country? Really?

My first thought was it had to be the think tanks over at Hallmark who came up with all these days to celebrate — makes sense … the more days there are the more cards and more coffee mugs they can make, and thus sell, saying things like “World’s Best Mother Sock” … but alas, from everything I can dig up in the full three minutes I spent researching the whole national day naming phenomena, it would appear that Hallmark has nothing to do with it.

No, from what I’ve learned — again in the three minutes I spent Googling the process — it would appear there’s not much to “declaring” a day as a national day. In fact there’s even a website,  nationaldaycalendar.com, where after filling out and submitting a short little form, you too can “register” a day as a national day. Want to commemorate the unpopped kernels in your microwave popcorn bag, fill out the form. Want to declare a national wear no underwear day, fill out the form. Heck, they’ll even send out a press release for you — for nothing! No financial commitment required.

Now I did find out to have a national day officially “declared”, requires an act of congress. Apparently congress doesn’t care about all the missing socks in the world so technically, today’s just a sort of suggested theme day rather than an actual national day. Go figure. Sort of makes me wonder what new national days will be submitted to congress this next year — wonder what kind of day the front running presidential candidates would suggest? National Say Things Politically Incorrect Day? Just sayin.

Oh, and as for the national wear no underwear day, well, as it turns out May 6th was National No Underpants Day — how upset are you that you missed it? Or did you? Now do tell, what kind of day would you declare?

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  1. Bigdaddy says:

    I’m not sure I would know where to start. Maybe something like free grocery day?? As for May 6… I thought that was common knowledge.

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