Why successful people crave disorder more than order —

OvidOvid — you know, the ancient Roman who wrote the epic poem Metamorphoses. What? You don’t know? Eh, it’s OK. It’s really not all that important, I only bring him up because he’s responsible for introducing the entire notion of Chaos — and Chaos, especially if you try and define it, is in itself a fascinating concept (with or without Ovid’s help).

According to Ovid, Chaos was the deity from which everything else sprang — the heavens, the earth, darkness, light, the Gods and eventually, mankind. So in theory, we should be thankful that Chaos existed, or that it (or he) still exists. Because without Chaos, there can be no growth. Without Chaos, there would be no resolve. Without Chaos, there would only be nothingness. (Sound a bit like the 2016 presidential elections?)

This last year my life has been filled with one chaotic period after another (think someone hire me an assistant kind of craziness) — all different, but all still a tad bit confusing and disordered. Yet, all welcome. Because this last year, with all the unwarranted commotion that seemed to spring from nothingness, I have been able to find some comfort in the acknowledgment that with Chaos, also comes greatness. So word to the wise … when you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, breathe deeply and just let it be for greatness could be right around the corner.

“Happy is the man who has broken the chains which hurt the mind, and has given up worrying once and for all.” ~ Ovid

Today’s post is a repost from last fall and is  inspired by The Daily One-word Prompt: Chaos.


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