What could be worse than fingernails on a chalkboard?

ShaunaLNoslerI’d always wanted to go to Savannah. Something about the South has always appealed to me – maybe because I’m a Yankee and have never spent much time there – maybe … so this last April I had the opportunity to visit the cobblestone city on the river (the photo was taken just off River Street) and wasn’t disappointed by the crawfish, the history, the statues, the charm, the mystery – but I was disappointed that no one offered me a mint julep. And I’d tell you more about my trip, but alas, I am distracted …

There is a noise coming from around the corner.  A scrapping noise. Not like tires breaking on cement nor fingernails on a chalkboard (made you cringe just to think of it, eh?) … no this is worse. Far worse. So much so that it’s prompted me to reach for my headphones and dial up Pandora on my phone. So much so that if I don’t get my headphones snuggly into my ears in the next three seconds, I may implode. So much so, in fact, that I’m so completely irritated that it’s provoked me into writing about it. And I know who it is – although she will go nameless just in case she’s a secret admirer and actually reads my blog … I mean I am irritated but I’m not mean. I don’t want to hurt her feelings. Yet, I wish she would stop. I wish she would put her spoon down and stop. How much more yogurt could still be in the bottom of that container? Why doesn’t she just lick it? I mean no one is watching and we are all so completely exasperated by the sound of your dumb little spoon scraping the bottom of your dumb little Yoplait container. PUT IT DOWN. Please! And tomorrow, for the love of God and my sanity, please just bring two so you don’t feel compelled to get every last little bit. Please – I don’t ask for much. Well, except maybe a mint julep next time I’m in the South.

Today’s prompt inspired by The Daily One-word Prompt – South. Note, this is a repost from last April but it fit the bill … AND YES … the lady with the Yoplait still works in my building and she still eats Yoplait – every damn day at 10:45 a.m. sharp! God help me!


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