Have you ever stopped believing in someone? In you? In goodness?

ImageWhen is too much TOO much?

When do human beings stop? When do we stop being someone else’s everything? Be it a friend, a mother, a spouse, a mentor, a companion in this crazy world — when does the last straw become the last straw? When do we stop believing in ourselves, in someone else?? 

And I wonder where or when the striking point occurs in life. What is it that makes someone take their own life? Makes someone hate another human? Makes someone give up their dream? Makes a child turn ugly? What happens that is so damn bad it cannot be absolved?  Or, on the flip side, what is it that makes a person rise up from the ashes and claim their place in the sun?

We are human. We are not perfect — but we are not, and were not, intended to be so. But we have life, an amazing, majestic life … life that should be happy, free from hatred, free to be … and sometimes, I just want to know why the bullshit exists because maybe if I can understand that, then maybe I’d better understand why tragedy exists in the first place and maybe I wouldn’t care so much when I see other’s suffer … but then again, if we don’t feel other peoples’ pain, what’s the point is life at all?

I also believe we all have a purpose in life, I only wish that everyone had the wherewithal to go after their dreams, to live their purpose. Maybe if more people would fight for their dreams, maybe more people would be happy and presto, the bullshit, the hatred, the unhappiness would go by the wayside. Maybe. Of course when the bullshit hits the fan like it has a way of doing, you could just turn the fan around. Try it.

“No matter how much it hurts, how dark it gets or how hard you fall, you are NEVER out of the fight.” ~ Marcus Luttrell

This super confusing post was brought to you today by the Daily One-word Prompt: Dreams … and my somewhat, sort of, a little bit off, crazy — albeit introspective — brain.


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  1. sandmanjazz says:

    I can probably say that I stope thinking my Secondary School English teacher as a teacher after a play I performed when in the last year of college thanks to a reply she gave to a (admittedly badly phrased) question after the play, but not in a major way.
    Other than that I think it is a set of circumstances which forced changes in people, sometimes the only choices you have in life are bad ones, but you still have to choose.

  2. slamdunk says:

    Lots of tough questions in this one Shauna. My reason to believe is that I see myself as someone who was uniquely created to make a difference here. I certainly miss the mark often, but am glad to be forgiven.

    It is difficult for me to speak for others (what motivates them) so I try to be a positive impact with everyone I encounter.

  3. Easter Ellen says:

    Wonderful post.. I think that part of the answer to the “whys” that you ask lies in the choices that others make around children (14 years old) and how much that destruction can cost them. I have seen such destruction in my own family and sadly, cannot undo what someone else did of their own evil. Evil, like the good that we do, ripples through time and through relationships. Thankfully, I believe still, that God’s love will prevail.

  4. Caroline says:

    Incredible passion… Most of us get effected by tragic circumstances and people, life, it can be very cruel. Accepting in a radical way helps deal with it – that’s the only way I know how. Still doesn’t make tragedy right…

    1. SHAUNA says:

      Fortunately there’s still a whole lot of good in this world too :)

      1. Caroline says:

        Yes, there are so many wonderful people and things to at least ‘try’ to balance the scales. I guess you can’t know one without the other. Your post was written with a lot of passion Shauna (and sorry for this majorly late response) :)

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