Why you should talk about politics & religion with strangers —

Picture a world where everyone got along… Everyone. It’s next to impossible to do — or is it? Can you imagine, as John Lennon suggested, a world where all her people lived in peace. Where there is no country, no religion, nothing to kill or die for. It’s a nice thought — or concept, I suppose … but then again, is it?

Because while we could all do with a little less violence and far less hatred in our world, what fun would be to live in a place where passion subsided? Where people didn’t feel deeply enough to put their convictions in front of them? Where people did nothing other than chat about the weather. I wouldn’t like that one bit. So when I meet someone I don’t know and they strike up a conversation, I hope it will be about religion or politics or world hunger or whether or not we should drill for oil in Alaska — because those are the kind of conversations I learn from. Those are the kind of conversations, that if they existed more … if people weren’t so afraid of offending another simply by having a discussion, well, maybe then we really would live in the kind of world that Mr. Lennon once imagined.

And maybe, just maybe mankind would pass through this phase we seem to be stuck in where it’s become almost commonplace to be complacent.

Just a little something to think about … now go and speak your truth. Oh, and while you’re at it, try smiling at a stranger … because while it might not be all it takes to get along with our fellow man, at least its a start. Today’s post inspired by the latest news … oh, and the Daily One-word Prompt: “Phase.”



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