What if humans came with taglines?

ImageWhat if humans came with taglines? Sort of like a warning label … or a caveat for “what to expect” …

Mine would be: “Never expose to bright light and never feed after midnight.” No? Right. That one’s already taken by the furry little Mogwai creatures … besides, everyone gets a little wicked when they eat late. OK. Then how about this:

“She means to say that which she says, but does not necessarily connote that which she says.” You might have to read that a few times.

The thing is, I like to think I’m fairly articulate. Generally, I don’t struggle to find the right word or combination of words to say whatever it is that I’m thinking. Sure, I’ve made errors … typos like starred when it should have been stared; busses instead of buses. And I’ve confused similar word usage like entice and incite; malevolence and malice. But, for the most part, again, I’m generally able to communicate that which I intend. However … recently I’ve noticed that what people “hear” isn’t always what I intend them to hear. You following me here??

Case in point: A while back I wrote a blog post regarding education and overpopulation

Realistically, what can we do? Adopt all the unwanted and undervalued lives? Secretly put birth control in the water and put an end to conception where young girls are tossed aside like garbage?

The writing was intended to show two extreme “solutions” to an extremely perilous situation. And yet, I still received some very noxious hate mail from one reader/moron who focused only on the one immoral “solution” and decided to label me well, I’m not going to go there … all the same, the reader/moron failed to understand my intention was merely to make people think by posing two completely absurd solutions – be them ethical or otherwise. Hence my tagline … because I did mean to write those words, but in doing so, I wasn’t advocating either idea as an end all solution. I was, however, hoping to make people think.

Similarly, I’d like people to think about the Second Amendment … to think about violence and hate … and to consider the possibility that there are many potential “solutions”along the road to trying to figure out just what the hell we can do to get off the struggle bus and curb irrational behavior like the horror that has left so many dead in Orlando. Have the conversations – but please, do so in a non-violent way. And listen. LISTEN. Because there are valid arguments for and against guns … so please, listen, and pray to God we figure something out.

This post inspired by The Daily One-word Prompt: “Struggle.” Oh, and as for the aforementioned moron … don’t worry … I kidnapped her, took her to Mars and left her there – she won’t be bothering anyone else anytime soon – there was no other solution :) And if you want to know how I feel about the First Amendment (since we’re talking about limitations here), check these out: Should we limit the First Amendment?  Should we limit freedom of speech?

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  1. leeranney says:

    The written word can be tricky. It can be difficult to tell when something is said in jest or sarcastically without the benefit of either voice intonation, facial expression or body language, hypothetically speaking.

  2. baka8 says:

    By the way snos, shauna, I am sure that you got that, among permit the type of abortions that you speak of other places outside the U.S., the China Sea and the Bering Strait. Unfortunately, these procedures are done without proper medical training and also irresponsibly. But, it is an issue that must be dealt with, especially since young women are frequently the “test cases.” It is an abhor ant practice to say the least.

  3. JD says:

    hahaha, Gremlins! That was just playing on TV the other night and I watched it realizing that I was about 6 years old when I first saw it, but I don’t remember being scared by it and I was thinking that I should have been! I think my fears caught up with me today, because I’m over 30 and zombies are terrifying…unless it’s ‘R’ from Warm Bodies, who’s actually kinda hot. ;-) Good post! =)

    1. baka8 says:

      I decided, I am going to try to create some nom de plume and leave it to snosler on occasions, her site is too. It is too fun.

      1. snosler says:

        Darn – now I’ll have to really be on my toes :)

      2. baka8 says:

        (or when I say that her site is too fun

    2. snosler says:

      Zombies scare the crap out of me – remember Michael Jackson in the Thriller video … when his eyes turned yellow I screamed. I’m a total wuss!

      1. baka8 says:

        tippy-toes ettes

      2. baka8 says:

        how did you know it was me and not some child laborer from the South of China or the Bering Sea?

      3. snosler says:

        Your astounding whit gave you away – or is it wit?? That one always stumps me.

      4. baka8 says:

        (or when I say that her site is too fun, do I mean that her SIGHT is too fun?) isn’t that a conundrum? that along with the whit and the wit…the young and the restless…or ‘da wung and ‘da wes wiss

  4. Ariel says:

    I believe you sent the moron a private message warning me about your buddy “baka8” tell this moron to ignore him, he is a troll. Or .. was she wrong, I am sure the email cuold be dug up if need, be. I wonder was it a “direct message” or did she comment on the post and you decided it should not be posted?

    “And yet, I still received some very noxious hate mail from one reader/moron that had focused only on the one immoral “solution” and decided to label me well, I’m not going to go there … ”

    Are you not labeling someone by calling them a moron?

    Not given them a chance to have a dialogue where your point could be made more clearly. This will never be posted. Just sayin’

    It was not that sentence so much but that I know I had heard it before, not in jest by someone who once called me thunder thighs.

    So, you cant be alone eh, need me on mars with the two of you.

    get a room. its a saying

    1. snosler says:

      Wow. Guess I don’t understand either your direct comments nor your innuendos – only that you seem to have a beef with me … so be it. Life too short not to have a few haters … although I haven’t a clue what your intentions are by writing this comment … happy Fouth of July, I guess.

      Shauna Nosler The Flavored Word

      1. baka8 says:

        Ariel…Ariel…not feeling kind? Or maybe that is your natural outlook on life?

    2. baka8 says:

      …as for Ariel and her notes about morons…well…I think Catherine the Great put it best when she said, “let her her eat cake” (but she said it in French, I don’t speak French),

      1. snosler says:

        laisser manger du gteau

      2. baka8 says:

        got me, I don’t speak la Frenche vu

  5. vishalthinks says:

    hello! thanks for stopping by my blog :) what would you like to know? its rare that someone really wants to know abt a wallflower :D

    1. snosler says:

      I just think that sometimes when we try to steer clear of the spotlight it ends up on us just to spite us – ill bet you have lots of awesome attributes … Your blog is darling :)

      Shauna Nosler The Flavored Word

      1. baka8 says:

        I imagine that you must have a field day with Monica L. Gee, I bet your significant other must, at times, feel pretty damn insignificant (especially, since Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus and snosler…she is in a class of her own).

      2. vishalthinks says:

        thats very sweet of you! thank you!! :)

  6. baka8 says:

    Mace? Gotta say, “Mace’. Who, Mr. Hu…not Dr. Hu (not hu, as in the Chinese neibbor from Karate Kid 3)?” Mace the guy in the corner Who is sneaking around in your house!

  7. baka8 says:

    Lima. Lima, Peru.

    1. snosler says:

      Yes yes I know where Lima is

      Shauna Nosler The Flavored Word

  8. mogispie says:

    I hate it when morons *cough* people are so thick. Its so obvious that you were just speaking hypothetically.

    1. baka8 says:

      always one of my favorites to read even before my morning coffee. i don’t even drink coffee. hmm, maybe i’ll take it up. I hear that it is an interesting hobby. (at least that is what Simon and Carrie Underwood are praying prior to dissecting the value of kneeing…that would just sound silly.

    2. baka8 says:

      The Flavored Word is one of my favorites that offers an all around neat perspective, despite all its talk of young teen girls. I guess that is good since I am a fairly grown adult male, who is not peeking at the world through Freudian lenses. I particularly enjoy the double and triple entendres.

      1. snosler says:

        Welcome back … I didn’t see u on Mars whilst I was there … where have you been? Neverland? Wonderland? Both good choices … maybe even better than Mars. Ill have to go there next :)

        Shauna Nosler snosler@gmail.com 317-294-5741

      2. baka8 says:

        shouldn’t the word awesomer be in there somewhere? Wait, that isn’t a word.

    3. snosler says:

      Thank you. And you’re right. I was being hypothetical. Unfortunately it’s those horrid situations that send the Mind to come up with ridiculous solutions … Although I did hear of a senator that one time joked about puttin birth control in the water in “less desirable” neighborhoods … I don’t think he was reelected :)

      Shauna Nosler The Flavored Word

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