Why everyone should want to be called a failure-at least once in their life.

failure3Failure does not make success sweeter.That’s right—failure does not make success sweeter. Not really. At least not the simple ones like you fell off your bike, but you got back up and eventually learned to ride. Not like you got a C- on your term paper but aced the final so your end of the year grade was an A. And not because it took you exactly seventy three attempts at making hollandaise sauce before you got it right (Then again, have you ever tried to make hollandaise? It isn’t easy so if you’ve succeeded there then I say the world is your oyster!) … moving on …

But, as for failure, we need it—it’s how we learn. And it is, I think, as much a necessity to victory as breath is to life. Because when we try things and don’t succeed, that doesn’t mean we are defeated. Sure, the immediate outcome might not be what we wanted, but the attempt isn’t a failure … I mean isn’t it the process or processes, at least in part, that make our successes sweet?

“Failure is the ultimate form of encouragement—because without it, we’d be in danger of settling for mediocrity.”

On another note (for anyone that’s still reading) … so I know, I know … I haven’t written here for a while … what can I say, they’re having problems on Mars with their internet servers and I wasn’t able to post during my extended trip to the red planet … oh, yea, for all you naysayers out there, it is inhabitable … really, its where I go on my soma breaks : ) AND if you got all those innuendos then we’d probably get along just great … maybe you can join me next time?


Today’s post inspired (mostly) by me, but brought to you by The Daily Prompt: “Learning.”

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  1. Swoosieque says:

    Oh my gosh, I appreciated the dark humor about Virgin. What does that say about me – us? ;)

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