An ode to the Lunch Lady

lunch-ladyI’ve never been a fan of lunch―mostly because the lunch lady that ran the kitchen in my elementary school and her fingerprints. She was nice enough, I suppose. I mean I don’t have any strange or scary memories of run-ins with her or any one of the women that made my midday meals, Monday through Friday, September through June, year after year … but … she did leave a lasting impression (so to speak) on me and literally shaped the eating habits that have stuck with me all these years―at least when it comes to lunch.

Yes, because of the lunch lady, I prefer goulash over peanut butter and jelly, meatloaf over ham and cheese, spaghetti over turkey on rye. Truth be known, I don’t eat any kind of sandwich and haven’t since that fateful day in second grade when I looked at the sandwich on my lunch tray only to see the indents left by the lunch ladies finger prints. Gross. Right?

And so, to this day, I still find lunchtime a challenge … thank God for salads. And goulash, of course. Today’s post inspired by The Daily Prompt: Sandwich. Yea, yea, so this wasn’t really an ode, or a poem of any kind, but I’m working on limited time here … I need to go make my kids lunch so they don’t have to (gasp) buy a potentially life-altering sandwich from the (drum roll) lunch lady.

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  1. Jackie says:

    I’m sorry the lunch lady turned you off from sandwiches. My school lunchtime memories were very different. I enjoyed hot meals like roti pate and vol-au-vent. I think that is why I like lunch to be the main meal of the day They served the best lunches there .

  2. kurtislunz says:

    Haha, That lunch lady song is hilarious. I love the sloppy joe part of it.

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