You can’t sit forever on destiny’s safe little shelf – SO GET OFF!

ImageI used to believe in destiny. I mean why not? It’s a cozy little comfortable shelf to sit on – because when bad things happen, well, destiny’s there for the blame. Right? Right.

BUT … then someone taught me about freewill … and I remembered reading Robert Frost and I instantly understood that while we might all have some sort of providence within our grasp, it is the realization or paths we must take to get there, that often times provides us the biggest challenge.

So be it fate, be it our God given calling, or be it an instinctual yet unnamed craving to go one way versus the other, we still have to make that decision. We have to jump off destiny’s safe little ledge and make choices – that’s the wonderful, and admittedly sometimes not so wonderful part, about being human. Lucky us.

“I do not believe in a fate that falls on men however they act; but I do believe in a fate that falls on them unless they act.” ~ Buddha

Where will you take your destiny today? This short, but hopefully thought provoking post, inspired by the Daily Prompt: Jump. NOTE: This is a repost from earlier this year, but the title seemed apropos  … or apropre, depending on which spelling you prefer ;)


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  1. idpnsd says:

    “BUT … then someone taught me about freewill …” and at the same time you write – “we still have to make that decision.”

    It appears these two statements are contradictory. Freewill is about present moment and decisions are for the past moment. We act only after making the decisions – isn’t it? This means past is controlling the present – which is the definition of destiny. Thus we cannot have freewill at present moment.

    For more on destiny you may want to take a look at However, it is up to your destiny.

  2. Jackie says:

    Well, even though I don’t subscribe to Buddha, I believe we all have choices to make. Good post!

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  4. Big daddy says:

    Like it.

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